Mornins!  We are pleased to announce the winner of Baby Big Hair’s 2012 Frotective Challenge. With a whopping 26% of the votes it’s……… MICHELLE w/Big Hair artisan MOMMY REBEKAH!!!  *claps and whistles*


OOooOOooWEE! Somebodeh give that baby a BIG Go’Head Baby!!   Michelle wins a Baby Big Hair Logo T-Shirt and exclusive BIG HAIR bragging rights, JEAH!!!  Congratulations to this fabulous BIG HAIR team! Coming in a close 2nd with 24% of the votes is NIA SIMONE with Big Hair artisan MOMMY BERNADETTE!! *claps and whistles*

(2nd Place Nia Simone/Mommy Bernadette)

And 3rd place with 14% of the votes, MINI Q with Big Hair Artisan MOMMY ‘QIANA!!!! *claps and whistles*

(3rd Place Minni Q/Mommy ‘Qiana) 

Lawd look at these purdy babies!! EEEK!  Can’t wait for Michelle to adorn our TEE!!! Many thanks to all of our fabulous Frotestants and honorary Froticipants and BIG HAIR artisan mamas!!!  Tons of fun in this 1st ever Baby Big Hair event.  Come join us next year for BBH’s FROTECTIVE CHALLENGE *echoes*!!

Go’Head Baby, Be Curly!!!

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