Song Solomon 6:3 – 
I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine..  

It’s our anniversary, ye-YEAH!!  No really, it’s our anniversay!  Daddy BBH and I are celebrating 12 years of matrimonial bliss today, EEK!!  Who knew when we met  14 years ago we’d be best friends and partners for life.  God is truly good…

In many ways this blog is a reflection of us.  We love creating, we love technology (ok, so that’s really the hubs thang, LOL!), we love fashion, we love music, we love laughing and most of all we love our Baby Big Hair.  It is  pure joy to find an outlet to work together as a team, a family.  It’s a lot of work and requires time we don’t always have, TRUST,  but we LOVE IT!!  And we thank you for joining with us on this journey.   We hope to go far! To celebrate our BIG day we’re giving our readers a free download of one of our first ever collaborations, a funky lil 2006 joint called “Love Jawns”, featuring Daddy BBH, the floetcist, and me, Mama BBH, the  songstress (ode to Floetry:),  LOL! But for realz, this is a lil’ somethin somethin for the married folks, ya know when the kiddos are sleep.  Jus playin’, I jus playin:)  Although this song predates her, we dedicate it to our little BBH,  who is our greatest, most precious collaboration of all.  We love you sweet girl!! xoxo.  AND I LOVE MY BABY DADDY!!  Please believe it.



Go’Head Baby! 

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