OWEEE!  Loving this simple, classic yet straight FIYAH style from fellow blogger Mommy Nikki of Beads, Braids and Beyond.   I love how the flat twists are slightly raised and off to the side instead of your typical tighter and centered flat-rolled style.  Twisted all delightful like,  drawing your eyes back to that glorious crown of gloreh like BAY-UM!!  YESSSS! The juxtaposition of all that “bizznizz” framing that sweet angelic  face!?!?  Whispy lil’ baby hair smoothed to perfection?!?!? Lawd it’s just KILLING ME!!  ACK!!  Love.It.  MMhhmmm. This would also be a cute twist-out style. OOOoooo, you could even switch it up with supa POWAPUFFS.  It’s a wrap folks. Please believe it.  Get the deets on this frostatic display of BIG HAIR right here. Make it your own, EEK!

Go’Head Baby!


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