So, for those who do not know, Baby Big Hair had its first  ever “Frotective Challenge” in July that challenged mommies to go four full days of frotastic  BIG HAIR!  Boy did those mamas get BIZZEH!  So many little nuggets came out of that there BIG HAIR exercise.  This style right here was one of my fave.  So simple, chic and frodorably cute, Mommy Stacy SLAMS it on Day 3 by pinning  down that baby’s puff and ssssslappin’ in a flower.  B-B-B-B-BAY-UM!!  She took an already glorious puff to a whol’.Notha.LEVEL!!!  OWEEEEE!  Yes, Ma’am/Sir, Lil Miss GiGi knows she is supafly thanks to Mommy Stacy’s BIG HAIR artisan skillz.  Lets take a closer look shall we??

GLOREH! Imma dub this one as a fave Sunday style or a perfect and quick BIG HAIR style for any special occasion.  Call it whatever you want, but just make it your own lawd.  Mommy Stacy, lil’ GiGi and that purdyl pinned puff…

Go’Head Baby!

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