EEEEK!  SupaSTOKED for the opportunity to review these fabrocious hair scarves from Sweet & Dainty.   OHGAAA! My obsession with Sweet and Dainty has crept upon me over the last few months.  Ya’ll remember this pic featuring our sweet lil’ Baby Big Hair Blastee Riley?

YYYYUP! Sweet & Dainty hook up, please believe it (BOOP)!!!  HHhhhhh. LOVE this stuff mannnn!  So colorful and bold, yet ALL supasweet and delightful like.  Trust, this brand is the SLAM.  So I was totally down to review ANYTHING Sweet & Dainty threw my way, OHGAA!!  Story goes that Mommy Nikki was reminded and encouraged by her sister of her past sewing skills after coming home from the Army.  The rest is history!  Isn’t it amazing how we are always driven back to our God given gifts and talents? LOVE IT.  Whelp, get ready for  some color OVAHLOAD!

Hand crafted Modern, Couture Apparel, and Accessories for girls and boys. Most items are made to order.



  • Price: $10.00. “For the simple fact that” (now why do we say that?!?, LOL!) this has dual functionality, the price sounds nice; CHECK ONE!!!
  • Durability: Very good. We rocked this bad boy a few good times.   Flowers are very sturdy and stitching is stellar.
  • Handling/Versatility: Once again, the dual functionality is my absolute FAVE!!  Tie it and go.  Nuff said.

OWEEEE!  And I mean I went INNNNN when I saw that there cheetah print scarf comin’ out the BAG!  “Anybody that know me” and my baby, *taps chest* knows we gotsta have our cheetah print!!!!  EEEK!  BBH was between hairstyles so it was a perfect opportunity to get some frotos on!!  Check it:



*I’m singin’ Sweet and Dainty-y-y-y, JEAH!* 

SASH BELT for yo’BIG HAIR self!

Or switch it up with a SCARF and SASH Combo!

BEAUTIMUS!!!!  LOVE them. These are so much fun and GORG!   What a funky lil’ way to jazz up that BIG HAIR lawd!  Shooooo, I had to get in on the fun too…

AAAAACK!! Mama got scarves!! (and no, that’s not an adult tee, it’s a boy’s large:)

Yes hon!  Straight FIYAH!!  Not even sure BBH is gettin’ this back, ok?!?!?  LOL!….O-O.  Shooooo, like these so much I feel a giveaway coming on!  Check out Sweet & Dainty and/or Contact Mommy Nikki today to get you your BBH one!  Don’t  forget to follow Sweet & Dainty on Facebook for updates on the latest products coming out that there shop and some of the Cutest.Pics.Ever!   EEEEK!  Mommy Nikki and Sweet & Dainty

Go’Head Baby!

*This post is my honest and unbiased opinion. The subject product(s) was/were provided to Baby Big Hair with no incentive to offer a favorable review.*

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