David Otunga, Jr ^AAACK!!! So CUTE!!^
Source: Black Celeb Kids

OWEEE! Lovin little David Otunga, Jr., son of Jennifer Hudson (singer, actress, author) and David Otunga (wrestler, reality actor, lawyer) these days. This recently turned 3 lil’ Man Man has the CA-UTEST dollbaby face and soft, delightful-like BIG HAIR!! Lookin just like his mama too. PLEASE BELIEVE IT!! Here they are last week between takes on the NYC set of ‘Smash‘.

David Otunga, Jr.PHOTO SOURCE(S): OK Magazine

Told ya, spittin image! And did you peep those cutie patootie shoes/Polliwalks!?!? You can  find them on sale here. Mmhhmm, other cute styles too. EEEK! And Mr. CutiePie Guy got JOKEZ for dayz too! Peep him rrrippin this TMZ guy. Like, uhm dude….you are not the slam. Get.Out.My.FACE!!!

BRAHAHAHAHAHA!! Love himmmm.  All smooshy wooshy w/personality to boot….  GET IN MY PURSE! Can’t wait to watch this kiddo grow up!!  HHHHhhhhhh. Until then, David Otunga, Jr….

Go’Head Baby!

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