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Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Dorothee and her beautiful gem, Nadia. O_o CAWL.ME!!!  This child is GORG!!  EEEEEK! Her hair is so FABULOUS!!!   Owee. And if this baby looks familiar to you dont find it odd. You may have seen her splattered all over Kmart stores nationwide in its 2012 Halloween promotion… Continue reading →

Sooooooo…. It’s been a grip lawd.  Summer has come and gone and BBH is back in school. Things have been supabusy  and BBH has been in twists for about a month now.  HHHhhhhhhhhh.  Unfortunately I lost the styling pics (#nostylepost BOO!), but it’s nothing new. “Not so” mini twists all over with a simple part down the center.  We did small twists earlier this year – a life saver – and its no different this time. We’ve been maintaining them very similar to out twist maintenance recap post except I ran out of my CARA B Naturally Hair Mist (oh lawd!!) and currently using SheaMoisture’s Hold & Shine Moisture Mist (review coming one fine day).  Sooooooo, here we are at a family gathering week 1 of her twists, well week one for the top part of her hair and week two for the bottom (I always start bottom up).

Don’t even know why the front has a few danglies.  Please believe we were not trying to make a statement, LOL!  Anywho, notice anything different?   Her hair is a little shorter.  Well, a lot shorter, especially on the front and sides.  Check out her twist from earlier this year:

Slightly deceiving given her leaning forward a little, but yeah… Huh, I Just realized how much smaller her twists are this time!!!

HHHHHHH. Few reasons here for the hackage. More waterplay this summer than usual with full on contact with chlorine. BBH is a late bloomer when it comes to swimming and I should have “Up-ed” our water protection w/a swimcap since she now gets IN the water.  Add in rushed detangling and styling sessions for a couple of events (ends HAD to go!) and trying a new technique for trimming hair.   Namely the “touch and feel” method (I like to call it) that I read about from Precious Curls and Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care.  I hadn’t given BBH a good trim since the last time she rocked her small twists, give or take few snip sessions between styles with areas that really needed it.  This time, while her hair was stretched, I raked through and trimmed where I could feel rough/ragged edges.  Did not look back.  I and BIG HAIR are now at peace. One side is slightly longer than the other, but imma leave it be for now.    It wasn’t until after I washed her hair and put in her twist did I realize how much I trimmed – give or take shrinkage from styling on wet hair. At the end of the day, hair is hair and as gorgeous as her BIG HAIR is, my baby is not her hair.  But next time, I may revert back to trimming in twists, simply because I am most comfortable with that technique and I know I can trim it more evenly.  All and all, we’re happy with the results:) I’ll be sure to get ya’ll some “touch up pics” soon…

^^^Somebody Got Jokes^^^  LOL!!

In other news, I’ve been coiling my hair for about 2 months straight. The longest my hair has not seen a flat iron!!!  You likey???  I LOVE IT!!!   I still love my spikeys but I’m totally feeling the coils. Who knows, if I keep going, I may get my own BIG HAIR back (that’s a different post, LOL)!  Oh, we now have frotastic BIG HAIR Tees and what has become our most popular Tee, “Yes… It’s All Mine” will be restocked VERY soon. Check back for an update in the next week or so.  Daddy BBH (sweetest man evah!)  recently revamped the site for our online store opening.  Bear with us as we continue to update our archives. For the most part, you can find historic postings within the “Features” tab next to “About” us etc.  Anywho, don’t know about you but looking forward to ending this year on the good foot!!!   We are grateful for you all and our growing BBH family (xoxo)!  We plan to do some BIG things when we hit 5k followers on FB as a way to say thanks for sharing your time and your babies with us.  Baby Big Hair Fam….

Go’Head Baby!




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Aweeeee!!!  Check out little Ms. Madison, daughter of R&B sensation Ne-Yo and fiance Monyetta Shaw.  EEK!! Loving her GORG thick coils and that smooshy little sweet face.  I could just pinch her all day lawd!! And fro’ sho Daddy and Mommy keeps that baby so fresh and so clean, clean!!


GIMME DEM GUCCI’S!!!   All I see in that mirror is Neyo, Neyo, Neyo and BIG HAIR! Awhhhh, Lil’Madison…

Go’Head Baby!!

OWEEE!  I’m sure by now you’ve seen it lawd but “doves have officially cried” and they’re sangin’ BIG HAIR (OO-oo-OO)!!!!  Yeah lawd,  Prince was on The View Tuesday rockin his own BIG HAIR!!  And we LOVE it!  All perfectly coifed n’stuff. But really, should we be surprised??  Afterall,  This man has always had BIG HAIR tendencies:  Let’s take a quick trip down BIG HAIR lane, shall we?

 Freshman Year:

 Uhuh..  BIG HAIR..

Album cover:

Dome like BIG HAIR!!

…and tons more where that came from.  Yes indeed.  Prince has “Got The Look” and his latest debut is our BBH Hairspiration.  Prince…

Go’Head Baby!

ps.   Hooo-oo-ooooo, Hooo-ooo-ooo-oo, Hoo-oo-oo-ooo …. 

Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Brandyce and her golden lil’ lady Ashtyn.  And yes, I’d like to go there (ode to Stevie, ya’ll aint ready)!  OWEEEEE!  Sweet BIG HAIRZ alive this one is TOO CUTE!!  Well, we had the opportunity to chat down with Mommy Brandyce to get the skinny on that bitty BIG HAIR!!  Lets dig in, shall we??

[BBH:  WHOAAAA!  That’s some BIG HAIR!!]

BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
I wash Ashtyn’s hair once a week or once every week in a half. I will wash it more often if she gets something in her hair like sand or leaves. One day we went to the park and she had a full afro, she ended up with sand, twigs and leaves in her hair. It was so funny. Like her own little bird’s nest. To wash her hair I have to just dump water over her head. She hates water in her eyes. We have to use a tear free shampoo because of it.  [BBH:  LOL!  Yes, BIG HAIR is quite the catcher!!]

[BBH:  How MUCH is that Baby Big Hair in the window??  DOLLBABY!!!]

BBH: What do you find are the challenges for styling Ashtyn’s hair and how do you over come them?
The biggest challenge I face combing her hair is the fact that it curls up so tightly. I love it, but it can be difficult when styling and parting.  [BBH: HHHhhhhhhh.  BIG HAIR don’t come easy…]

What are your fave products these days?
Right now I love using good old fashioned water in a spray bottle, Olive Oil Girls Moisturizing Styling Lotion, and Twisted Sista 30 Second Curl Solution. I change products as soon as one runs out.  [BBH:  Well you certainly sound grounded and product junkie free.  Good job Mommy!]

[BBH:  There’s that smile:)]

BBH: How do you entertain Ashtyn when styling her hair?
I entertain her by putting her favorite cartoon on. She loves Iron Man the cartoon, Super Why [BBH:  To the rescue!], and Bubble Guppies [BBH:  Line up everyone outsiiiiiiiide Girl!!!  Those are classics right there.  I thought My BBH was the only girl that was about her supaheroes.  Too cute!!]

[BBH:  Daaaaaaang.  This baby is HURTING THEMMMMMM..]

BBH: How does Ashtyn feel about her hair??
Ashtyn loves her hair!!! [BBH:  Yey!] She is so excited every time I finish combing her hair. She has to go see how she looks. She will look at me and say “I go see how pretty I are”  [BBH:  Awweeeee!! Yes Honey, Go’Head Baby and see how purdyl  you is:)]

[That’s IT!! *points to purse*  NOW GET IN THERE!!  LOL!  O_o]

BBH: Tips for wearing BIG HAIR or fave “quick” styles.
I think the only “tip” I have is to just wear it and love it! My favorite “quick” hair style for her is the Princess Tiana bun. I wet her hair, add some product and brush it all up to the top of her head, put a pony tail holder on it, twist and tuck. Tah Dah!!!!  [BBH:  And it is perfection. Please believe it!!  So cute on her too...]

BBH: Last but not least, anything you would like to share about haircare in general or hair experiences.?
I would like to tell all the parents out their that are scared of big hair to just embrace it and love it. It makes a statement and people love it. Don’t straighten your child’s hair because it is easier to maintain, easier doesn’t mean better.  [BBH:  UHP!  You bedda preach up in this piece *goes off and throws shoe*]  Teach them how to care for their hair. Let them get their hair wet and play. Teach them to love their hair!!!  [BBH:  *queues music*  I believe BIG HAIR is the future… Fro it well and let it lead the way…  *key change, headsnap, face camera*  The greatest BIG HAIR of AAAA *cough* AALLLLLLLLLLL, is easy to achieeeeeeve. Learning to love, BIG HAIR, is the greatest….LOOOOOOOVE of alllllll.. *Toni Braxton stare and fades to black*]

[BBH: ^^^?!??!?^^^^]

Thanks Mommy Brandyce and Ashtyn for participating!!  Lawd that baby’s hair is like Candehhh (owwww), LOL! For real…..all fluffy n’stuff!!  And is she not just a button and FIERCE all at the same time?!??!?   Lovin’ Mommy’s philosophy of embracing BIG HAIR.  She’s right.  Many folk decline BIG HAIR because it’s work.  So glad this Mommy keeps it movin.  Mommy Brandyce and Ashtyn….

Go’Head Baby!

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OWEEEEE! Loving the soft and whispy BIG HAIR on this precious lil’man man.  Sir Bronx is mos def the rocker child.  Son of Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson, he’s bound to rrrrrrock it out Baby Big Hair style, JEAH!  Good lawd those curlz!  HHHhhhhhhhhhhh. Check him out earlier this year:

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kids big hair

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Aweee.. lil’ CutiePie Guy.  Just as dapper as he wants to be!!! Sure hope Mommy and Daddy don’t rush to give him a crew cut anytime soon.  Sir Bronx…

Go’Head Baby!


Today is Grandparents Day and we wanted to take time to honor Grandmom BBH!   We love you!!!  My mommy is FIYAH! trust:)  Also want to shout out Granny BBH who we lost earlier this year and BBH’s 2 grandfathers we lost over 10 years ago.  HHHhhhhhhh.  Such great loses.   We are grateful we had time with them on earth, but saddened they aren’t here to watch their beautiful granddaughter grow.  Praise God for them and for bringing us into this world (and occasionally taking us out, LOL!).  Grandmom, Granny, Grandpa and Grandad…

Go’Head Baby!

Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Brittany and her little flower Nevaeh-Michelle.  EEEEK!  Such a purdyl lil’thang she is with all that delightful like BIG HAIR!!!  Well, we had the opportunity to “chat down” with Mommy Brittany and get the mots on that there lil’mamas and all that hurrrrr.  Let’s get to it shall we?

[BBH:  Somebodeh say shrinkaaaaage!!]

BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
During the week, we strive for protective styles- mostly two strand twist and sleek buns. We try to wash every week to every other week. Mostly, dpending on what her is telling me [BBH: Oooo, BIG HAIR whisperer are you???]. This routine usually alternates between shampoo, condition, deep condition or co-wash, deep condition- banding and styling.

[BBH:  Awee….Hi pretty gurrrrl:)]

BBH: What do you find are the challenges for styling Nevaeh Michelle hair and how do you over come them?
Time is probably our biggest challenge during styling. She’s 5yrs old and often wants to do some super-detailed style that we don’t have time for. Also, we love searching the net for “hairspiration”, the challenge is trying to remember fab styles that we say we’ll try later. [BBH: YESSSSSSSSS!  OO-oo.. try “pinning” them on Pinterest, we’re on there:)]

BBH: How do you entertain Nevaeh-Michelle when styling her hair?
During our “curly cleansing sessions” we do lots of talking (she does most of the talking), I make sure the DVR is ready with her favorites like A.N.T. Farm, Shake It Up, and Phenius & Ferb. She recently transitioned from NickJr to Disney shows almost overnight…they grow so fast. Sometimes she draws or plays educational games on her VTech Innotab.  [BBH:  You aint playin’ over there!!!!]

[BBH: Juicy twists in da’houuuse!]

What are your fave products these days? 
I try to alternate our product use also; this includes Shea Moisture‘s Conditioning Milk, Curl Enhancing Smoothie or Beautiful Textures Tangle Taming Shampoo and Moisture Butter. Also, Organic Root Stimulator‘s Olive Oil DC and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO) when we use LOC (liquid, oil, cream) method. Also, the Denman brush is our best friend. [BBH: Well its a wrap Mommy! Sounding good right about now. OWEE!  Product Junkie get behind thee!!]

BBH: Tips for wearing BIG HAIR or fave “quick” styles?
“Pretty curly-whirly, twisty-twirly curlies”…Nevaeh-Michelle’s words on her big curly hair. Her hair gets a lot of attention, which is fine, but of course every now and then someone might hurt her feelings – and those are the moments I use to teach and help her understand her natural beauty and uniqueness. [BBH: HHhhhhh.  Why lawd, why??!?!  Good job Mommy:)]

[BBH: Lawd she is so purdyl and cute!  GIMME DAT BABY!!]

BBH: Last but not least, anything you would like to share about haircare in general or hair experiences?
Usually two strand twists gives her favorite kind of big hair. Always twist the front last to decide on your part or the way you want the hair to fall. [BBH:  Yes!!] Our fave quick styles are chunky two strand twists with a braided root and sleek buns [BBH:  OOOooooo].  Thank you sooo much for the opportunity!!! And thanks for creating your site/blog =)

[BBH: ^^^?!??!^^ Fantabulous curls on a beautiful girl!!]

THANK YOU Mommy Brittany and Nevaeh-Michelle for participating!!!  OWEE this child is SUPASWEEEEEEET!  Golly.  And that BIG HAIR is GORG!  Did you see those chunky monkeh pics?!?! Please believe it.  Love how Mommy is on top of that moisturizing, knowing what works for that baby, and is taking the time to educate and encourage her in those “awkward” situations.  That’s what’s up.  Mommy Brittany and Nevaeh-Michelle….

Go’Head Baby!