WHOOOOWEEEEE!  YESSS!  Lovin this style by Mommy Blogger Aisha of Braid With Me.  “Anybody that know me” now I LOVE me some Mommy Aisha styles.  Trust, I try NOT to post her styles like all day evrahday, but dag nab it, Mommy is the SLAM up in some natural hair, OK?!?!?  This style right her is SUPACUTE.  Totally reminds me of our Asian Inspired Mohawk style but with just a touch of Une Autre Naturelle’s (Hey Mommy Daphne!) Party Bun that we featured not too long ago.  Get the awesome tutoral and steps right here. SupaEasy.  Do it tight, do it loose.  Now Cotton candy, sweet and low, let me see your MOHAWK ROLL!!

Go’Head Baby!

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