Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Brittany and her little flower Nevaeh-Michelle.  EEEEK!  Such a purdyl lil’thang she is with all that delightful like BIG HAIR!!!  Well, we had the opportunity to “chat down” with Mommy Brittany and get the mots on that there lil’mamas and all that hurrrrr.  Let’s get to it shall we?

[BBH:  Somebodeh say shrinkaaaaage!!]

BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
During the week, we strive for protective styles- mostly two strand twist and sleek buns. We try to wash every week to every other week. Mostly, dpending on what her is telling me [BBH: Oooo, BIG HAIR whisperer are you???]. This routine usually alternates between shampoo, condition, deep condition or co-wash, deep condition- banding and styling.

[BBH:  Awee….Hi pretty gurrrrl:)]

BBH: What do you find are the challenges for styling Nevaeh Michelle hair and how do you over come them?
Time is probably our biggest challenge during styling. She’s 5yrs old and often wants to do some super-detailed style that we don’t have time for. Also, we love searching the net for “hairspiration”, the challenge is trying to remember fab styles that we say we’ll try later. [BBH: YESSSSSSSSS!  OO-oo.. try “pinning” them on Pinterest, we’re on there:)]

BBH: How do you entertain Nevaeh-Michelle when styling her hair?
During our “curly cleansing sessions” we do lots of talking (she does most of the talking), I make sure the DVR is ready with her favorites like A.N.T. Farm, Shake It Up, and Phenius & Ferb. She recently transitioned from NickJr to Disney shows almost overnight…they grow so fast. Sometimes she draws or plays educational games on her VTech Innotab.  [BBH:  You aint playin’ over there!!!!]

[BBH: Juicy twists in da’houuuse!]

What are your fave products these days? 
I try to alternate our product use also; this includes Shea Moisture‘s Conditioning Milk, Curl Enhancing Smoothie or Beautiful Textures Tangle Taming Shampoo and Moisture Butter. Also, Organic Root Stimulator‘s Olive Oil DC and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO) when we use LOC (liquid, oil, cream) method. Also, the Denman brush is our best friend. [BBH: Well its a wrap Mommy! Sounding good right about now. OWEE!  Product Junkie get behind thee!!]

BBH: Tips for wearing BIG HAIR or fave “quick” styles?
“Pretty curly-whirly, twisty-twirly curlies”…Nevaeh-Michelle’s words on her big curly hair. Her hair gets a lot of attention, which is fine, but of course every now and then someone might hurt her feelings – and those are the moments I use to teach and help her understand her natural beauty and uniqueness. [BBH: HHhhhhh.  Why lawd, why??!?!  Good job Mommy:)]

[BBH: Lawd she is so purdyl and cute!  GIMME DAT BABY!!]

BBH: Last but not least, anything you would like to share about haircare in general or hair experiences?
Usually two strand twists gives her favorite kind of big hair. Always twist the front last to decide on your part or the way you want the hair to fall. [BBH:  Yes!!] Our fave quick styles are chunky two strand twists with a braided root and sleek buns [BBH:  OOOooooo].  Thank you sooo much for the opportunity!!! And thanks for creating your site/blog =)

[BBH: ^^^?!??!^^ Fantabulous curls on a beautiful girl!!]

THANK YOU Mommy Brittany and Nevaeh-Michelle for participating!!!  OWEE this child is SUPASWEEEEEEET!  Golly.  And that BIG HAIR is GORG!  Did you see those chunky monkeh pics?!?! Please believe it.  Love how Mommy is on top of that moisturizing, knowing what works for that baby, and is taking the time to educate and encourage her in those “awkward” situations.  That’s what’s up.  Mommy Brittany and Nevaeh-Michelle….

Go’Head Baby!

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