Celebrity Baby Big Hair: Bronx Mowgli Wentz

photo source: www.tumbler.com

OWEEEEE! Loving the soft and whispy BIG HAIR on this precious lil’man man.  Sir Bronx is mos def the rocker child.  Son of Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson, he’s bound to rrrrrrock it out Baby Big Hair style, JEAH!  Good lawd those curlz!  HHHhhhhhhhhhhh. Check him out earlier this year:

photo source: www.people.com

kids big hair

photo source: www.zimbio.com

Aweee.. lil’ CutiePie Guy.  Just as dapper as he wants to be!!! Sure hope Mommy and Daddy don’t rush to give him a crew cut anytime soon.  Sir Bronx…

Go’Head Baby!


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