Bonjour!!!  Have  you ever  found yourself needing to deep condition your BBH’s hair but doing so overnight not an option?   Occasionally, actually more than not over the last year, we do.  Especially when things are in high gear and our weekends are no longer open for full “hair days”.  Preferably I pre-condition (pre-poo) BBH’s hair in medium to large sections, detangling with fingers then wide-toothed comb, then loosely braid same sections the night before I wash her hair.    But when I can’t and it will be the afternoon (late at that) before I can get to it, I love to do this quick and easy style so we can go forth with our business and not feel like I have her out and about like a ragamuffin, LOL!  It’s perfect pool hair too (save the twisted bang).  Steps are pretty easy:

Dampen the hair
Not too much, but enough to add some moisture.  We always keep a spray bottle mixed with water, conditioner and oil handy, or CARA B Naturally’s Hair Mist. Finger detangle and further detangle with a wide-toothed comb as needed. Set your parts.  This time we did a large zig zag part with 3 small protective hair line parts.

Apply your deep conditioning treatment.
We use a variety of concoctions ranging from Giovanni, Kinky Curly, Beautiful Curls or It’s Perfecty Natural for deep conditioning based upon her hair needs, but we always add in oil such coconut, extra virgin olive oil or castor oil, again depending on her hair needs. Also want to note that deep conditioning is a perfect for using those less expensive products. Anywho, we then  seal it with with a bit of a pomade type product rubbed in the hands and smooth all over  to seal it all in.  This particurly day I used just a bit of Hair Love (our review here). ESPECIALLY for the poo’ (that’s short for “pool”, LOL!).

Band your ponies and twist
We get the best results with breaking each pony into 3-4 small twists.   You’ll need some clips or your BBH can assist with holding down the twists as you go.  Then wrap each one around the pony base and pinny pin pin!

Finish off your hair line parts (apologies for no close ups, we were pressed for time) and… BAY-UM!!  Conditioning on the go! 

And the same style with a little more intention…

EEK!  SupaCute and SupaEasy!  JEAH!

What are some of your quick go to styles for quick conditioning or styling on the go?   Do tell!!

Go’Head Baby!

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