Sooooooo…. It’s been a grip lawd.  Summer has come and gone and BBH is back in school. Things have been supabusy  and BBH has been in twists for about a month now.  HHHhhhhhhhhh.  Unfortunately I lost the styling pics (#nostylepost BOO!), but it’s nothing new. “Not so” mini twists all over with a simple part down the center.  We did small twists earlier this year – a life saver – and its no different this time. We’ve been maintaining them very similar to out twist maintenance recap post except I ran out of my CARA B Naturally Hair Mist (oh lawd!!) and currently using SheaMoisture’s Hold & Shine Moisture Mist (review coming one fine day).  Sooooooo, here we are at a family gathering week 1 of her twists, well week one for the top part of her hair and week two for the bottom (I always start bottom up).

Don’t even know why the front has a few danglies.  Please believe we were not trying to make a statement, LOL!  Anywho, notice anything different?   Her hair is a little shorter.  Well, a lot shorter, especially on the front and sides.  Check out her twist from earlier this year:

Slightly deceiving given her leaning forward a little, but yeah… Huh, I Just realized how much smaller her twists are this time!!!

HHHHHHH. Few reasons here for the hackage. More waterplay this summer than usual with full on contact with chlorine. BBH is a late bloomer when it comes to swimming and I should have “Up-ed” our water protection w/a swimcap since she now gets IN the water.  Add in rushed detangling and styling sessions for a couple of events (ends HAD to go!) and trying a new technique for trimming hair.   Namely the “touch and feel” method (I like to call it) that I read about from Precious Curls and Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care.  I hadn’t given BBH a good trim since the last time she rocked her small twists, give or take few snip sessions between styles with areas that really needed it.  This time, while her hair was stretched, I raked through and trimmed where I could feel rough/ragged edges.  Did not look back.  I and BIG HAIR are now at peace. One side is slightly longer than the other, but imma leave it be for now.    It wasn’t until after I washed her hair and put in her twist did I realize how much I trimmed – give or take shrinkage from styling on wet hair. At the end of the day, hair is hair and as gorgeous as her BIG HAIR is, my baby is not her hair.  But next time, I may revert back to trimming in twists, simply because I am most comfortable with that technique and I know I can trim it more evenly.  All and all, we’re happy with the results:) I’ll be sure to get ya’ll some “touch up pics” soon…

^^^Somebody Got Jokes^^^  LOL!!

In other news, I’ve been coiling my hair for about 2 months straight. The longest my hair has not seen a flat iron!!!  You likey???  I LOVE IT!!!   I still love my spikeys but I’m totally feeling the coils. Who knows, if I keep going, I may get my own BIG HAIR back (that’s a different post, LOL)!  Oh, we now have frotastic BIG HAIR Tees and what has become our most popular Tee, “Yes… It’s All Mine” will be restocked VERY soon. Check back for an update in the next week or so.  Daddy BBH (sweetest man evah!)  recently revamped the site for our online store opening.  Bear with us as we continue to update our archives. For the most part, you can find historic postings within the “Features” tab next to “About” us etc.  Anywho, don’t know about you but looking forward to ending this year on the good foot!!!   We are grateful for you all and our growing BBH family (xoxo)!  We plan to do some BIG things when we hit 5k followers on FB as a way to say thanks for sharing your time and your babies with us.  Baby Big Hair Fam….

Go’Head Baby!




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