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Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Dorothee and her beautiful gem, Nadia. O_o CAWL.ME!!!  This child is GORG!!  EEEEEK! Her hair is so FABULOUS!!!   Owee. And if this baby looks familiar to you dont find it odd. You may have seen her splattered all over Kmart stores nationwide in its 2012 Halloween promotion…

Yessssssss!  BBH’s unite and represent baby!  PLEASE BELIEVE IT!!  Well, we have the opportunity to “chat down” with Mommy Dorothee and get the 411 on that there rising star.

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What is your hair washing routine?  I wash Nadia’s hair once a week. I have used all kinds of shampoos and conditioners and like to switch it up from time to time.  My staple go to is V05 or Pantene Relaxed and Natural [BBH: you are the 2nd or maybe 3rd Blastee Mom to mention the Relaxed and Natural line, Hmmmmm].  After washing I braid her hair in 4 sections apply Sofn’Free n’ Pretty Olive and Sunflower Oil Moisturizing Lotion and let it air dry.  When I wear her hair (out or loose) and curly I tend to wash it more often only because of the leave in conditioner and or products, so that I can wash it out.  For the curly styles we will use Mixed Chicks products, Miss Jessie’s, Carol’s Daughter, or Creme of Nature Leave In Conditioner.  Not all at once though.  I don’t normally straighten her hair only every so often to get her ends trimmed. [BBH: OWEE! You named off some frotastic classics!!! Product Junkie get behind thee!!!]

What do you find are the challenges for styling Nadia’s hair and how do you over come them? Having her sit still long enough for me to finish.  I overcome it by trying to get the job done as quickly as possible.  She is such a busy body.  [BBH:  BIG HAIR BLAZIN!  YESSSS!  Please believe it. That is me on hair washing day.  HHhhhhhhh….]


How do you entertain Nadia when styling her hair?  We sing, or I sometimes I let her watch Tv or I will let her read a book.  [BBH: I sing because I’m bappy!  I sing cuz BIG HAIR is Free,  My Baby’s Hair is BIG yo!  That’s the reason why I siiiiiiing:)]

What are your fav products these days?  All of the above that were just mentioned. [BBH:  Whew, girl!  Yes, please dont hurt’em… LOL!]  I truely love the Sofn’Free n’ Pretty Olive and Sunflower Oil Moisturizing Lotion.  It is very inexpensive and it also detangles her wet hair. [BBH:  Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!!  Inexpensive and WORKS?!? It’s a wrap, TRUST!!]

 HHHHHhhhhhhh!   I CANNOT!!    *YOU!!!  Get.In.My.Purse***

How does Nadia feel about her hair?? She is not too fond of her hair [BBH 🙁 oh nooooooo!] She likes it best when it is in a ponytail and out of her face.  She tells me she wishes her hair was straight. [BBH: Awhhh,  why Baby Big Hair??  Your hair is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!]  I tell her be glad with what God gave you.  He made you in his likeness but of course I don’t expect her to understand at her age. [BBH: Good job Mommy.  It’s hard isnt it?? So much of what BBH’s see is straight, straight, straight…. on tv, on dolls, in the movies, on the bus advertisments, in books at school… HHHHhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I say we are all God’s bouquette of unique flowers!! It’s getting better and BIG HAIR is more and more in mainstream now. But there is surely more BIG HAIR representation to be desired. Aweeeeee, keep your head up sweet Baby Big Hair…]

  WOW!!!   Ok so -uhm, it is fabulous straight too, LOL!

Tips for wearing BIG HAIR or fav “quick” styles?  I like hair to just be natural and free [BBH: So…. You, Me? We ‘der...]   That is the best style to me.  I am not opposed to dying and extensions, and perms, etc. We as adults have the right to change it up every now and then but for a child natural is the best 😉  [BBH: Yes Ma’am.  As for me and my house,  baby rocks BIG HAIR!! Jeah!!]

Last but not least, anything you’d like people to know about Nadia or hair experiences in general? Nadia is not her hair.  What I mean by that is she could care less if her hair is long or short or black or green.  Ok maybe she does have a preference of straight over curly, but as her mother I see her for who she is a fun loving and sweet little girl who’s named …… Nadia. [BBH: Will the doors open??  Won’t one come??….]

AMEN!!  Thanks Mommy Dorothee and Nadia for participating. GOOD LAWD THAT CHILD IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! HHhhhhhh.  Seriously?   All that luscious hurrrrrrrrr!! On that angel face?!?!?  BIG HAIR is becoming more acceptable for our children, but we must first embrace it at home. BIG UPS to Mommy for putting it DOWN on the beauty of that baby’s God given BIG HAIR.   And props to Kmart for splattering all that BIG HAIR in its stores.  I guarantee some BBH will smile in the inside and cry out “She looks like me!!”  when they see beautiful Nadia on display.  THAT’s what’s up and THAT’s what we at Baby Big Hair are all about; Be Curly!!  Mommy Dorothee and Nadia…

Go’Head Baby!


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