OWEEE!  We’re creepin up on 5k FB Followers lawd (*channels Lutha* creep, creep, creep, CREEP!).  And to celebrate, once we hit that there mark, we are going to hold a frotastic giveaway featuring some of our fave vendors!!!!  EEEEEEEK!  We do it BIG BABY!  Participating vendors, to name a few:

Beautiful Curls
CARA B Naturally
Erin Go Paint
Lil’Lady and Me
Little Penguins

Mossy Rock Designs
Pooters Diapers
POSE Magazine
Sweet & Dainty
Sidewinder Hairholders

And more!!!   Just our way to say BIG THANKS to all our dear friends & followers for helping us grow and sharing your FROTASTIC babies with us!!! Lets do this MANNNNN!! Please spread the word to “LIKE” the BBH FB Page so we can get this here partay started!!!

Go’Head Baby! 

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