Celebrity Baby Big Hair: Luisa (David Alan Grier)

Photo Source: www.CelebrityBabyScoop.com

 AAACK!  Yummy Luisa, spotted with Daddy David Alan Grier, is quite the cutie patootie!!  Those soft, glorious, whipsy curls are growing ever-so-beautifully into Lil’ BIG HAIR status!!  OWEEE!  “Two Snaps Up”  (ode to Men on Films, LOL!) Here is a much younger picture of Luisa…

Photo Source: www.BlackCelebKids.com

Well I’ll say it again to my BBH parents out there. *Queues organ* Don’t give up on BIG HAIR ya’ll! Cuz one fine day… YES!! (mm-hey-tie-my-bow-tie!)… One fine da-a-y (Yes’suh!).  You’ll wake up…I say you’ll wake up….. and find your baby with some…. a lil‘BIG HAIRRRRRR!!!!! THANK YA! *does dance* HHhhhhhhhh, LOVES IT!!  Aweee, Lil’ Luisa…

Go’Head Baby! 

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