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EEEEEK!  How stankin’ yummy is the lil’Boy BIG HAIR of Tia Mowry.  CUTIE PATOOTIE!!!  He’s been on BIG HAIR watch for the last few months now and after much consideration, he has officially been promoted to lil’BIG HAIR:).  EEEK!  Check out his little sweet curls…

GAAAAA!  I cant STAND himmmmm.  Mommy Tia keeps that baby so fresh and so clean, CLEAN!! Trust….  Aweee:) Young Cree…

Go’Head Baby!



Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Nicole and  her FRODORABLE sweet baby, Jaye Marie. GAAAAAAAA!  Yumminess!  We had the opportunity to “chat” down with Mommy Nicole and get the 411 hon on that there sweet baby!  Let’s get right to it, shall we? Continue reading →

OWEEEEE!  Seems like “up do’s” are what’s up for BIG HAIR as of late (see other recent featured updo’s here and here), and this here  twisted pompadour style by Natural-Hair-Care-Info (NHCI) is the BIZZNIZZ!!  Yes lawd, all kinda party goings up on this joint.  Intricate cornrows with a “criss cross applesauce”, pop of color, then BAY-UM! Chunkeh Monkeh twists rope-a-doped into a delightful-like swirl of  GOODNESS!!  HHhhhhhhh.  THE SLAMMMMM.  Yes Ma’am/Sir, please believe it!!  Big Sis Dominique-Alexis puts it downnnnn for her baby sis (Bunny!!) evrah time.  Click  here for her awesome tutorial and tips on alternate ways to rock this style. Owee! Be sure to click around the NHCI site and the NHCI FaceBook Page  for tons of hairspiraion and natural hair tips. Tell Dominique-Alexis and purdyl lil’ Bunny we sent you!!

Go’Head Baby!

baby big hair

That’s right, the wait is ovah lawd! Our most popular “Yes…It’s All Mine” Tee has been restocked AND with new girls size XL, WOOT WOOT!!  Our lovable frotastic t-shirt depicts a child who is constantly questioned about the authenticity of all that natural BIG HAIR, a testament to any Baby Big Hair!  Peep Baby Big Hairz ’round the globe faithfully reppin their tees via Baby Big Hair Tumblr and/or follow babybighairlife on Instagram (#mybighairtee; more to be posted).  OWEE!! PLEASE BELIEVE IT!! Head on over to our STORE and get ur baby one today!!  G’on get ur Froto on and send them in…

Go ‘Head Baby!