D’AWWWWWWWWH! Sweet pic of B and Blue Ivy.  That lil’ BIG HAIR is filling in quite nicely eh?  SUPACUUUUUTE!  I don’t care if I NEVAH see that sweet face, that baby is a DOLL, hear me?!?!  Miss Blue Ivey…

Go’Head Baby!

OWEEEEEE!  “Anybody that know me” knows I LOVE ME some Beautiful Curls (BC).   See our extensive review of their Curly to Kinky Line Products (all but a few) right here.  I’ve been going strong w/BC products for twists for a good minute so when the opportunity came to try their new lotion and gel products, best believe I was like YESSSSSS?!?!?!?  So what better time to give’em a whirl then refreshing BBH’s twists! Continue reading →


Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Claudia and her FRODORABLE daughter “Alanis”  O_o!!!!  GEEEEEEEEEEEEE!   I cannot with this BABY!!!  Lawd all those curls framing that supasweet face and pinchable CHEEKS?  HHhhhhhhhhh.  *Looks around for purse to put her in* LOL!   Well, Mommy Claudia was happy to “chat” down and give us all “the mots” on that there sweet Baby Big Hair.  Let’s get to it shall we?? Continue reading →

Guess Who’s FIIIIIIIIIIIVE?!?!   EEEK!  That’s My Baby Ya’ll!! :”’)  Promise I CANNOT with my own CHILD!!  Get in Mommy’s POCKET!  LOL!!  HHhhhhh.  My yummypie. Baby Big Hair is an avid reader, and writer (writing small words like “moon” this morning, YEY!), and is the BOMB artist; thus her 5th Birthday P”art”y.  EEEK!  More to come on party deets.  She is also quite the prayer warrior, TRUST!! Mommy’s sweet, talented and beautiful babygirl:)  HHhhhhhhhhh…. We are SUPAPROUD of our baby who inspires us to no end. MOMMY AND DADDY LOVE YOU!!!

Go’Head Baby, Be Five!!


Photo Source: Getty Images 

OWEE!  Check out Baby Big Hairz  Skai Jackson ( plays  Zuri Ross on Jessie (TV series)) reppin’ BIG HAIR  on the red carpet at the 14th Anniversary celebration of P.S. Arts’ ‘Express Yourself’” on November 11, 2012 in Santa Monica, California.   EEEEEEK! Lovin that sleek, high PowaPuff overflowing with a SURIOUS cascading twist out!!  And dag nab it, if she isn’t always a poster child for fun and cuteness!! #AgeAppropriate   You can achieve this BIG HAIR style by simply smoothing out the sides and pulling  BIG HAIR into a high ponytail.  Place a wide silk/satin scarf around the head (tied in the back) for at least a few minutes; overnight will really set it off.   Oo La La… Let’s take a closer look at all that HURRRRRRRRRR:

Photo Source: Getty Images

PURDYL THANG!!  Get.In.My.Pocket!!! Represent that natural crown of gloreh!!    Ms. Skai Jackson…

Go’Head Baby!


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Go’Head Baby!

GEEEEEEEE! *thud – wakes up and comes to* HHHhhhhh.  Where do I start with this Hairspiration?!?!?!  OHGAAAAA!  First of all, lil’girl… GET.IN.MY.POCKET!!!!  Sheesh! What a cutie patootie Baby Big Hair!!!  This frorocious style is brought to us by Mommy Carrie of Carrie Fay Photography.  That little lovely you see (as I gently place her in my pocket to tote around with me ALL DAY LONG, lol!) is her beautiful daughter, “Miss V”. Yumminess!!  “What matter of style is this” you say??  FRODORABLE!!!   Continue reading →