GEEEEEEEE! *thud – wakes up and comes to* HHHhhhhh.  Where do I start with this Hairspiration?!?!?!  OHGAAAAA!  First of all, lil’girl… GET.IN.MY.POCKET!!!!  Sheesh! What a cutie patootie Baby Big Hair!!!  This frorocious style is brought to us by Mommy Carrie of Carrie Fay Photography.  That little lovely you see (as I gently place her in my pocket to tote around with me ALL DAY LONG, lol!) is her beautiful daughter, “Miss V”. Yumminess!!  “What matter of style is this” you say??  FRODORABLE!!!  Owee, those “rope-a-dope” rows leading to a luscious PowaPuff of delightful like curls?? Framed by even moreso precious “froly” BANGS??!?!?! OH PLEASE BELIEVE IT!  Yes!!!  Enough about me going IN over this style.  Let’s she how Mommy Carrie breaks it on down, the BIG HAIR artisan she is, shall we?

“Miss V is a born rocker, so we wanted a style that made her every bit the diva she was born to be.  We parted a section for the bangs (LOVE bangs on her!) and parted lines around her head that radiated from a central point.  Each section was flat twisted, but not all the way – we stopped about two inches before reaching the central point and anchored the twist with a tiny rubber band.  There was enough hair from the “leftovers” of the twists to create one large pillbox type shape.  With a sassy flower, a little daily conditioner and Miss V’s sassiness, we were in diva heaven.”

^^?!?!??!^^  AACK!  Gimme Dat Baby!!!

Yeeeessss LAWD!  Heaven I do say.  Thanks Mommy Carrie and Miss V for sharing.  Lil’sweetiecutiepie:) HHhhhhh…. Please click on by Carrie Fay Photography and check out the Carrie Fay Photography FB Page for more SupaSweet pics. Tell her we sent you!! Whelp,  IT’S A WRAP FOLKS!!  Mommy Carrie, Miss V…

Go’Head Baby!!

P.S. Don’t be shy.  Leave a comment or ask Mommy Carrie any questions about this style below.  We LOVE thoughtful and encouraging words for our Baby Big Hairz and their Mommy artisans!!  EEEEEEEeeeeeeeekkkk!

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