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  • Roslyn

    Hi, your invitations are exactly what I’m looking for my 3 year olds upcoming bday. I LOVE! Were they handcrafted or did you order that way…do tell. Greatly appreciated 🙂

  • chloe

    Hi Roslyn!! Thanks for commenting. They were very lovingly hand cut and crafted. I’m so flattered you like!!! Having a coloring party are you?!?!

  • Roslyn

    Hey Chloe.

    Yes I’m having a crayola party for my soon to be 4 year old. I hand crafted her invitations last year (denim themed) so I’m fully aware of all the live and dedication that goes into such projects. This year I was tryna avoid doing all the labor. I’m saddened to learn I can’t just order them from a venue, but thankful you informed md how they were created. If possible my email is below…I’d like a closet shot of your invite. Although I’m trying to avoid the labor, those things are just so frikkin cute…perfect if I may. Roslyn.straker@gmail.com (if & when you get a chance)

    Thanks in advance


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