Guess Who’s FIIIIIIIIIIIVE?!?!   EEEK!  That’s My Baby Ya’ll!! :”’)  Promise I CANNOT with my own CHILD!!  Get in Mommy’s POCKET!  LOL!!  HHhhhhh.  My yummypie. Baby Big Hair is an avid reader, and writer (writing small words like “moon” this morning, YEY!), and is the BOMB artist; thus her 5th Birthday P”art”y.  EEEK!  More to come on party deets.  She is also quite the prayer warrior, TRUST!! Mommy’s sweet, talented and beautiful babygirl:)  HHhhhhhhhhh…. We are SUPAPROUD of our baby who inspires us to no end. MOMMY AND DADDY LOVE YOU!!!

Go’Head Baby, Be Five!!

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