OWEEEEEE!  “Anybody that know me” knows I LOVE ME some Beautiful Curls (BC).   See our extensive review of their Curly to Kinky Line Products (all but a few) right here.  I’ve been going strong w/BC products for twists for a good minute so when the opportunity came to try their new lotion and gel products, best believe I was like YESSSSSS?!?!?!?  So what better time to give’em a whirl then refreshing BBH’s twists!   Let me set this up right lawd .  BBH had been rockin mini twists for just about a month. These were initially put in with BC’s Curl Activating Cream.  Here’s a “before” pic from Labor Day weekend:

And fast forward about 4 weeks later, with touch ups done here and there at the top….

And underneath (dun, Dun, DUUUUNNN, lol!!) #NEWGROWTH Alrighty then, now that we have a point of reference, let’s get to it shall we?


Shea Butter Replenishing Curl Lotion

  • Price:  $6.99 for an 4oz tube. Whole Foods frequently has this product on sale. So far, like other BC products I’ve reviewed… a little goes a long way.
  • Smell: Light to Medium.  Shea Butter smelling, naturally…
  • Consistency: Creamy lotion, not heavy thick, but rich thick

I spritzed BBH’s hair with a little water to help detangle her twist.  I then applied just a “dab” of the lotion and worked it thru. Coverage was nice. The lotion does not have as much hold as the BC Activating Curl Cream, but that’s expected, it’s just lotion.  The above pic shows the product’s coverage on hair, and then twisted by itself. Not bad. Veddy nice… NEXT!

Shea Butter Curl Control Custard

  • Price:  $13.99 for an 8oz tube. Again, Whole Foods frequently has this product on sale. And just as stated before… a little goes a long way. As you can see, we’ve been using faithfully (in my hair as well).
  • Smell: Strong Medium.  I think it’s the Lavender Oil that is so distinct smelling with this one (and the Hydrating Curl Oil from our prior BC Review)
  • Consistency: Gel type product (of course), almost opaque, and on the runny side (i.e.  squeeze tube too hard and you’ll get ALOT!).
I selected a different section to dampen and detangle and applied the product to see its curl defining powers and boy-oh-boy, LOOKY HERE!!!
Delightful like!!!  YUP!  Whenever I see all kinda curl patterns goings on, I know I have a good definer, cuz BBH’s curls are all ovah the place!!  The Custard is not sticky at all and has a little slip to it for easy application, it also “clumps” hair in that great defining way!!  Cant wait to try as an all over defining product.  But alas, I’m just refreshing twists,  HHhhhhhhhh…..   Well, being so pleased with both these products, I decided to combine the two by layering on the lotion 1st then the custard and gotsta twistin, and VOILA:
Notice how “tight” I twist and how they relax..
^^THAT^^ my friends, is consistently our experience with BC products (see another fave BC post/style here and our prior BC review, and other tutorial posts).  I would say the 2 products combined yield results very comparable to BC’s Curl Activating Creme, but it is nice to have an option for just a daily moisturizer and a curl defining product.  I’m ecstatic for these new additions to the BC fam!!!
Pros:  Great daily moisturizer refresher and great custard to define BIG HAIR!  Whole Foods often has BC on sale so you can try guilt free, or less guilt free…
Cons:  Although it works beautifully, wish the Custard was a tad thicker for all us “heavy handed” product users out there.  It easily flows out of the tube and its hard to put access back into the bottle. I recommend puncturing the seal a little instead of removing and screwing the cap back on to help alleviate a couple “whoops” here and there….
Two words: THE SLAMMMMMMMM!  EEEK! Beautiful Curls has done it again…
Go’Head Baby!
 *This post is my honest and unbiased opinion. The subject products were provided to Baby Big Hair with no incentive to offer a favorable review.*


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