Quick hairshare here.  During the holidays things got a little rough while BBH was at home, rolling around and bouncing off the walls, LOL!  Her twists we put in using Noire Naturals (review coming very soon I PROMISE!) took quite the beating. I decided to do a quick twist out w/the parts I had in place, and re-smoothed her ponytail.  I re-flat twisted her protected hairline (in record speed) and fashioned her “outed” pony into a bow.  EEEEK! was SUPACUUUUTE!   I simply sectioned off her pony into 3 sections. With  the middle section I wrapped down and around the base to the right, back up the back then down to the front left of the base, then around  to the back and neatly rolled leftover hair and pinned. Then I rolled/folded each side towards the  back center and pinned those.  Not as defined as other bow styles done in the past, but certainly doable for getting out the door!! Twists went right back in that night for the week. OWEEE!  You likely? Tell us what you think!

Go’Head Baby!



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