WHOOWEEEE!!! I.Can.NOT with this ridonkulous style by Mommy Jennifer of Forty Toes Photography (40Ts)!! “Anybody that know me” knows I love me some Stella, that sweet Baby BIg Hair of 40Ts (see our exclusive BBH Blast feature here and Stella froto pics in our Baby Big Hair tees here), and this style right here is settin’ that baby OFF!! OHGAAAAAA! *shrills* That BIG HAIR frohawk center sandwiched between chunkeh monkeh conrows, all cascading down towards funky fly feathers of delicious hot pink gots me SHOOK UP!!! Continue reading →

“ANYBODY” that know me, knows I love me some 2 strand twists. It’s our go to protective style for BBH. Especially during the winter, her hair is in them like 90% of the time, with a twist out about every other weekend, sometimes further separated into BIG HAIR, some times not. But it’s always back to 2 strand twists and all over lawd! I’m not alone, Mommy Charlotte of Charlotte’s Avenue is an advocate for “all over” 2 strand twists as well and I mean she is a PRO!! This here style has her signature all over it. Continue reading →

That’s right.  Click on over to the Forty Toes Photography’s (4oTs) Baby Big Hair Giveaway goings on and enter for a chance to win one BBH Tee lawd.  AAAAaaaack!!  We LOVE 40T.  Ya’ll may recall we featured that sweet Baby Big Hair Stella as a BBH Blast last year; <3.  We have looooong been fans of 40Ts.  Mommy Jennifer has a mean camera shot and an AMAZING network of supatalented mommies.  EEEEEEK!  We were stoked to join forces with her and LilyM Boutique for these phat nasty “upcycled” joints featuring our “Yes It’s All Mine” girls and unisex Tees:


GAAAAAAA!  Somebodeh PINCE ME!!!  Seriously?????  SUPACUUUUTE!  For more info on upcycling our Tees, please contact Lilymboutique for criteria (suggested shirt size etc). OWEE!  In the meantime, you have a BBH Tee Giveaway to enter!! Now GETSTA ENTERIN!! Ends 12/18 at midnight.

Go’Head Baby!!!

*p.s.  Other fab giveways goings on??

CARA B Naturally “All I want for Christmas” Giveaway ends 12/23 midnight

Pretty Brown Girl: Inspiring Girls the World Over #Giveaway by Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care ends 12/17 midnight

“Christmas Giveaway” by Precious Curls featuring Little Penguins Online ends 12/17 midnight

“Flowers from Fatima Giveaway” by Untrained Hair Mom ends 12/29 midnight

*GIVEAWAY CLOSED. WINNERS TO BE SELECTED** ENJOY $3 off the book through the end of December!!!  Click HERE and enter our exclusive CODE at checkout: FHBKBDN6**

EEEEEEEEK!  As promised in our GLOWING book review of Princess Truly and the Hungry Bunny Problem by Kelly Greenawalt, and in the celebratory spirit of it’s new release, Baby Big Hair presents the I AM TRULY GIVEAWAAAAAAAY *channels Oprah*  OWEEE!  This one is FROTASTIC with 3 truly lucky winners, AND a discount for BBH readers to boot!  Let’s get to the details shall we??


Of course, one (1) copy of the newly released Princess Truly and the Hungry Bunny Problem,  EEEK!


WATCH OUT NAW! One  (1) copy of the newly released Princess Truly and the Hungry Bunny Problem AND one  (1)  5X7  “BIG HAIR” print of Princess Truly by Illustrator Amariah Rauscher, AAAAAAACK!


WHOL’UP, WAIT A MINUTE!!  One  (1) copy of the newly released Princess Truly and the Hungry Bunny Problem, One  (1)  5X7  “BIG HAIR” print of Princess Truly by Illustrator Amariah Rauscher, and one (1) 8oz bottle of Kinky-Curly‘s Knot Today Leave In Conditioner. OHGAAAAAAA! If it were not so, I would have told you!!

HOW TO ENTER (ends Sat 12/15 11:59 pm EST):
Just enter the Rafflecopter form below (please see Terms and Conditions and note”Mandatory”entries).  3 winners will be randomly selected.  Be sure to take advantage of the additional form option of sending in a froto of your own lil’ Princess Truly via email.  Not only can this additional entry up your chances for winning (equals 10 extra entries), but  Baby Big Hair may display your sweet BBH and brief description on our various platforms (FaceBook, Instagram and/or Tumbler) as an “I am Truly” participant  like this (see entry option details)…

“Smart, Beautiful and Blessed”  Submitted by Baby Big Hair 

That’s right, put that baby on BLAST LAWD!!  We believe every Baby Big Hair embodies the character and confidence of Princess Truly and the world needs to see it, TRULY!!

The “I AM TRULY” Discount:  
Last bu not least, “irregardless” (is that a word? lol!) if you enter the Giveaway via the below form or not,  you can take advantage of an offer exclusive to our Baby Big Hair readers. YUP! Author Kelly Greenawalt is offering a $3 discount off the book for BBH fans and followers.  EEEEEEEEEEEEEK! Click here to purchase and enter the following code at check out: FHBKBDN6.  This discount also expires Sat, 12/15 at 11:59pm EST.   See… either way you are #WINNING!!!

EEEEEEK!  So proud to partner with Author Kelly Greenawalt in the release of her new book in the collaborative spirit and true love for kids natural BIG HAIR. Now getsta entering this here GIVEAWAY!!

Go’Head Baby!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The “I Am Truly…” Giveaway is CLOSED. Many thanks to all who entered!! Winners to be announced. ** ENJOY $3 OFF THE BOOK HERE thru Dec 31st – https://www.createspace.com/3866143 CODE: FHBKBDN6 ** CLICK HERE for the official BBH Book Review: >>> http://wp.me/p1BSCz-1NA. Go’Head Baby, Be Curly
EEK! SupaExcited to be among the first to review this AWEMAZING kids book, Princess Truly and the Hungry Bunny Problem!! Continue reading →

*queues music* Those..Curlz…Are On FIYAHHHHHHHHH!

AAACK!  Ya’ll know how I feel about my young Boy BIG HAIRZ!!!  Check out young Egypt, son of the lovely Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz.  See that lil’ BIG HAIR justa poppin’ with supacute curls?!??!!  EEEEEEK!  Heart himmmmmmm!!  Lovin’ his protective styles too, PEEEEEEPS:

No matter what, Ms. Alicia keeps that Boy BIG HAIR supafresh and clean!!  Here’s a recent Twitter pic of young E promoting Mommy’s newest cd:


Aweeeeeee:)  Hey there cutiepie guy!!!  Young Egypt…

Go’Head Baby!

OWEEEEE!  ‘Anybody that know me’, knows I LOVE ME some CARA B Naturally.  That’s right; if it were not so, I would have told you!!  Read  our related skincare review here and haircare reviews here and here for reference. Anywho, we are ESTATIC to partner with CARA B Naturally to provide our readers a chance to win FROSTATIC prizes, right on time for the holidays!!!!   Even bedda, you can bless somebodeh (turn to ur neighbor and say blessssss somebodeh, LOL!)!!!  YES HONZ!  You and 3 of your besties can be #WINNING.  EEEEK! See contest prizes and details below…

THE DEETS (Woot Woot!):

What it is- Ultimate CARA B Naturally Holiday Prize-Pack which includes:

    • Full set of CARA B Naturally products valued at over $60
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    • $250 US Airways Travel Voucher
    • Nina Nguyen McGinley Bracelet valued at $150
    •  $100 Walgreens Gift Card

How to Enter-

    • Log on to the contest landing page www.mycarab.com/alliwant.asp
    • Enter your email address and the email addresses of three friends (this info will not be shared, but you and your referrals will be subscribed to the CARA B Naturally Newsletter) and you’re automatically entered to win the above-mentioned Ultimate CARA B Naturally Holiday Prize-Pack

The Kicker-  The winner’s three referred friends will ALSO each receive a $50 Walgreens Gift card!!!  O_o EEEK! It’s the gift that keeps on GIVING!!

The contest will run from December 5th until December 23th.  A random winner will be chosen on December 23rd.  So, get your friend list out and click on over to the CARA B NATUALLY’s All I want for Christmas Contest Page and getsta entering!  Many thanks to CARA B Naturally for this fabulous opportunity for our readers!!  GEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Go’Head Baby!