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EEK! SupaExcited to be among the first to review this AWEMAZING kids book, Princess Truly and the Hungry Bunny Problem!! Princess Truly is a true Baby BIG HAIR who’s hair is filled with magical powers!! GAAA! I LOVE IT. Can’t wait to give ya’ll the 411 but first, a little something about the author, Kelly Greenawalt and the muses behind the book. Meet the original and inspirational Princess Truly girls Calista and Kaia….

From the Truly Girls website: Kelly Greenwalt is a married mother of four adopted children – Clay, Travis, Calista and Kaia and believes that “rainbow” families like her own make the world a better place, especially when adoptive parents are committed to helping their children form a healthy racial identity. Kelly noticed a critical shortage of books [BBH: YES!!] featuring smart and capable princesses, especially black princesses with gorgeous natural puffy curls [BBH: *goes off*]. Her friends and family loved the story and encouraged her to share it with the world.

“It’s an enchanting tale that inspires little girls to learn, to be helpful, to love their curly hair, and to use their imaginations,” says the author. “Princess Truly is a character that little girls can identify with and that parents WANT them to identify with. It is important for us to teach our children to love the skin they are in, to be passionate about helping our kids develop confidence. I’m hoping that this book and the efforts of likeminded mothers will inspire others to write and publish stories for our little girls, especially titles that feature black princesses and other protagonists that fall outside the usual stereotypes.” COME ON SOMBODEH!!! Well said Mommy Kelly….


*This post is my honest and unbiased opinion. The subject product was provided to Baby Big Hair with no incentive to offer a favorable review.*

Princess Truly and the Hungry Bunny Problem
Author: Kelly Greenawalt
Illustrator: Amariah Rauscher

  • Price: $10.99, available at The price sounds nice; CHECK ONE!!!
  • Age Range: 4-80!! When do you ever stop being a princess?!?! LOL! I jus playin, 4-8 as suggested is a perfect age range
  • Educational Value: 5 out of 5 I love the strategic placement of words throughout this book! Phrases like “She lives at the tippy top of a tall tower with her snuggly pug Sir Noodles”, are GREAT for children learning to annunciate their words. In addition, the illustrations are eye catching and make it easy for kiddos to follow along. BIG ups to the Illustrator on that BIG HAIR texture!!! I could just touch it!!!
  • Positive Message: 5 out of 5 * SQUEALS* YES! YES! YES! Princess truly is smart, kind, a problem solver, supacute, and my lawd that BIG HAIR is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Win, Win, WIN!!! OHGAAAAA! Did I mention there is NO love interest in this story, JUST FRIENDS?!? HHHhhhhh. FINALLY!! *goes off*
Our Truly Experience
Click here to review the first few pages with us (….and a little more. No worries, no spoiler alert needed:)…

EEK! We love this book!!! And by we, that includes Daddy BBH!! When she saw the cover BBH shouted with a BIG gasp: “She looks like me!! A Baby Big Hair!!! Honestly, it was a dag’on wrap after that, REVIEW OVAH, OK!?!? HHhhhhhh….. When we read the first few pages at nightime (in above vid), she was so captivated by each page, and every reference to “curly puffy” hair made my baby smile. She had to sleep with the book, and could not WAIT to finish the book in the a.m. *channels Sweet Brown* I didn’t get no mornin hugs or NOTHIN lawd, she RAN for her book, LOL! When it was time to part for school, I had to call her Princess Truly to keep things moving. #INSWOON

My favorite part, naturally, is that BIG HAIR coiled out in all its magical glorehhhh!!! In less than 24 hours, this book made such an impression on my daughter – AND ME!!! In a world of straight haired barbies and princesses (ok so I know there’s Merida from Brave, but you know what I’m sayin…), my daughter now has one she can FULLY identify with. I can comPLETELY get down with the awesomeness of this purdy brown, smart and lovable character, inside and out. I cannot thank the author enough for that :”’) OWEEE! Can’t wait for more “Truly” books in the future (with evrahthang crossed).

Princess Truly and the Hungry Bunny Problem is available at Visit for more information about the author, the book and a free printable download!!! Love the artwork? Stop on by illustrator Amariah Rauscher’s Etsy store, The Extent of Silence for prints. But whol’up! May wanna hold your horses until Sunday, December 9th…….WHEN WE HAVE OUR FROTASTIC “I AM TRULY” GIVEAWAAAAAAY!!! EEEK! You dont want to miss lawd, truly!!! Let’s just say there will be 3 very happy winners:) In the meantime, Princess Truly and The Hungry Bunny Problem

Go’Head Baby!
Princess Truly, Sir Noodles, Lola Little and “Bun” illustrated by Baby Big Hair:) #TrulyGirlsRock
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