That’s right.  Click on over to the Forty Toes Photography’s (4oTs) Baby Big Hair Giveaway goings on and enter for a chance to win one BBH Tee lawd.  AAAAaaaack!!  We LOVE 40T.  Ya’ll may recall we featured that sweet Baby Big Hair Stella as a BBH Blast last year; <3.  We have looooong been fans of 40Ts.  Mommy Jennifer has a mean camera shot and an AMAZING network of supatalented mommies.  EEEEEEK!  We were stoked to join forces with her and LilyM Boutique for these phat nasty “upcycled” joints featuring our “Yes It’s All Mine” girls and unisex Tees:


GAAAAAAA!  Somebodeh PINCE ME!!!  Seriously?????  SUPACUUUUTE!  For more info on upcycling our Tees, please contact Lilymboutique for criteria (suggested shirt size etc). OWEE!  In the meantime, you have a BBH Tee Giveaway to enter!! Now GETSTA ENTERIN!! Ends 12/18 at midnight.

Go’Head Baby!!!

*p.s.  Other fab giveways goings on??

CARA B Naturally “All I want for Christmas” Giveaway ends 12/23 midnight

Pretty Brown Girl: Inspiring Girls the World Over #Giveaway by Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care ends 12/17 midnight

“Christmas Giveaway” by Precious Curls featuring Little Penguins Online ends 12/17 midnight

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