“ANYBODY” that know me, knows I love me some 2 strand twists. It’s our go to protective style for BBH. Especially during the winter, her hair is in them like 90% of the time, with a twist out about every other weekend, sometimes further separated into BIG HAIR, some times not. But it’s always back to 2 strand twists and all over lawd! I’m not alone, Mommy Charlotte of Charlotte’s Avenue is an advocate for “all over” 2 strand twists as well and I mean she is a PRO!! This here style has her signature all over it. BUT FIRST, lawd that sweet baby “CHOCA CHIP”!!! MM-MMPH!! I could eat her up with a side of GUM DROPS and a tall glass of SWEET TEA!!!! Sweet angel-face!! Choca was one of our very first “BBH Blast” features and she’s had my heart ever since (check out the frotastic blast here), and trust Mommy Char is as sweet and kind as they come.

OK, onto this here SUPACUTE style. OHGAAAAAAAA! Its so stankin simple but the bombness thereof is SIC!!! It’s all in the swoop and the soft fold of those bangs and the touch of beads beckoning the homeland that sets that joker OFF! Plus, *channels Beyonce* I can see her halo, Halo, HALO-OO-OO-OO (I can see it!). WHEWWWWWW!

Can we get a 360°??

kids natural hairstyle


Per Mommy Char: “It’s pulled and tucked. It’s a no pin style.” Uhm, correction! It is a “pin-style”…worthy of pinning on PINTEREST!! *pins away* AAACK! Supacute. Man this child’s hair grows like WEEDS!!! Check out other amazing styles on Charlotte’s Avenue and/or the Ave’s FB Page. Mommy Char, sweet ChocaChip and this beautiful, simple and chic style ….

Go’Head Baby!

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