WHOOWEEEE!!! I.Can.NOT with this ridonkulous style by Mommy Jennifer of Forty Toes Photography (40Ts)!! “Anybody that know me” knows I love me some Stella, that sweet Baby BIg Hair of 40Ts (see our exclusive BBH Blast feature here and Stella froto pics in our Baby Big Hair tees here), and this style right here is settin’ that baby OFF!! OHGAAAAAA! *shrills* That BIG HAIR frohawk center sandwiched between chunkeh monkeh conrows, all cascading down towards funky fly feathers of delicious hot pink gots me SHOOK UP!!! GEEEEEEEEEE! All made complete with that FROTASTICALLY afromatic Harajuku upcycled dress made by the ever so lovley LilyM Boutique?!?!?! SLAMMMMMMMM! Who does that?!??? Let’s go in for a better look shall we??


Lawd whol’ma mule….







?!?!??!?!?^^^^^^?!?!?!?!?!  GLOREH!!

Lil’girl, Get.In.My.PURSE!! AAAACK!!!!! *runs to craft store and grabs bag-o-feathers* Hhhhhhhhhh. Trust, this style WILL GET COP’T! These frotos are just SIC!!!  O_o  Hhhhhhh…Let me stop. Mommy Jennifer (40Ts) and Baby Big Hair Stella…

Go’Head Baby!
p.s. for more info on the dress contact Lilymboutique

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