Uhm, in case you’re just tuning in to our blog here, I love me some up do’s on da babies. See, one must ‘preciate BIG HAIR , cuz it will enable you to all kinda styles such as this lovely Criss Cross Bun style by Blogger Mommy and friend Kandy of Kandy Land Kurls. Now sing it with me!! CRISS CROSS BUNS, CRISS CROSS BUNS, 1 a penny, 2 a penny, CRISS CROSS BUNS!!! OHGAAAA! Zig zags and poly wags I LOVE this style!!!
Visually it is so PLEASING to me. I love the simplicity of the top pattern, then BAY-UM! All kinda funkiness in da back! And that 1 cutie patootie braid framing that sweet doll baby face (all intentional parting of the hair or what not, aint nobody playin Kandy!!). EEEEK! Lawd I could pinch those CHEEKS!! *shops online for a bigger purse* We heart lil Miss N, the Baby Big Hair of Kandy Land Kurls. Check her exclusive BBH Blast feature here. Man this child has grown!!! Just as purdyl… Click here for the tutorial on this riDONKulous Criss Cross Bun style.

If you dont know, Kandy Land Kurls is holding a “Protective Style Challenge” now thru March 4th, challenging naturals of all ages (yes adults too!!) to keep natural hair in protected styles for a period of time.

natural hair challenge, kandy land kurls

Whether your goal is to promote growth, or protect your hair from the elements of winter. Protective styling is one of the best options in helping you reach that goal.” Amazing sponsors to boot: CURLS, Taliah Waajid, Blended Beauty, Beija Flor Naturals, Denman, and TwistBraidSnap. WHEW! Trust, prizes galore!! Note, you can no longer enter to win (FB Challenge Group is closed), BUT you can always hop on the protective style train at anytime and participate from the sidelines. Check out the Kandy Land Kurls FB Page for challenge participant postings and updates. You’ll surely find plenty Hairspirations there, just like that baaaaaad Criss Cross Bun above^^^. Tell her we sent you!! Kandy and lil’ N…

Go’Head Baby!




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