Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Lindsey and her lovely and delightful like daughter, Malia. O_O!! OO-to-the-WEE! Lawd that baby is just as purdyl as she wants to be!!! Sweet lil’lamb…….EEEEK! Mommy Lindsey was so kind to “chat” down with us and give us the deets on that there dollface and her gawgeous BIG HAIR curls. Let’s get to it, shall we??

BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
I wash Malia’s hair with Ultra Hydrating Biologe Shampoo & Conditioner (balm). [BBH: Ahh Yes! I’ve seen that line, but it never made my product junkie list. Huh, good stuff eh?]

GORG! She is an ANGEL!!

BBH: What do you find are the challenges for styling Malia’s hair and how do you over come them?
The challenges are the fact that she has so much hair we have to use quite a bit of product and that can be pretty pricey! [BBH: Turn to you neighbor and say “BIG HAIR aint CHEAP!] How we over came that is we just don’t wash her hair as much first day she wears it down, second she will do one twisty and pull it back and third day up in a high pony usually using a cute head band 🙂 We also use it’s a 10 Miracle Leave In Treatment in between washings and just spray it evenly all over to tame the frizz and re shape the hair. [BBH: Whol’UP!! It’s a 10???? Never in my LIFE have I heard of that!! OWEE.. I’m feeling so enlightened!!]

malia dipt 2BBH: Seriously?? SSSSTOP!

BBH: How do you entertain Malia when styling her hair?
Malia entertains herself and me ha ha! We usually talk to each other I see how her day was going and vice versa , Malia pretty much does her own hair I taught her how to do it. [BBH: O_o… NOW IT’S A DOG’ON WRRRRAP!! OHGAAAAAAA!! I LOVE IT!! *whisks child away* Come, come now Malia, we have to put you in the BBH Protection Program so other mommies wont come and steal you. LOL!! o_O]

malia blast 9

BBH: *queues Mint Condition, hits high note* QUUUUIT BREAKIN MY HEARRRRRRRRRT (Pretty Brown Eyes)

BBH: What are your fave products these days?
My favorite products are, it’s a 10 leave in conditioner, Kinky-Curly and Clear Ice. I usually mix the two together. [BBH: Oooo…. that sounds the SLAMMMM Mommy!]

mailia blast 6


BBH: How does Malia feel about her hair??
Malia really loves her hair (now). She use to be made fun of for her BIG hair but now she really embraces her locks and I’m so glad Baby Big Hair has this wonderful website! Very encouraging! [BBH: Awhhh you’re too kind!! And that exactly why we exist, to foster positive attitudes and the acceptance of kids natural BIG HAIR!! So happy she’s come to love it. It’s hard, kids (and how about adults!?!) can be very harsh].

malia blast 12

BBH: Tips for wearing BIG HAIR or fave “quick” styles?
I love Malias hair down and the bigger the better [BBH: CO-SIGNED!!] Malia actually just had her first hair cut about 4 inches off it really helped make her curly’s look crisp again! I like to use a diffuser on her hair to shape her hair as it dries plus it takes out of the frizz out.

malia blast 2


BBH: Last but not least, anything you would like to share about haircare in general or hair experiences?
I think it’s very important to use the best products for your hair type, if I use the wrong products on Malia’s hair it can look and feel horrible! Kinky-Curly is amazing and the Shampoo & Conditioner I highly recommend. It is pricy but it really makes such a difference! I have also heard lots of good things about Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls [BBH: Ohhhh…. *jots down*], just haven’t tired it out yet! Oh and we only shampoo once a week!

malia blast 3

^^^^?!??!?!^^^ *shuts computer*

Thanks Mommy Lindsey and Malia for participating!!! WOWY!!! That is one stunning child. LOVE her boingy curls!!! Mommy done trained her BBH up right with that baby doing her own BIG HAIR!! FROTASTIC! And how about these PICS?!?! STUNNING!! Malia looks like a lil’ beach Baby Big Hair doll doesn’t she? *shrills*. Mommy Lindsey does AMAZING work behind the camer. Check out www.LLPhotographyByLindsey.com to see more of her fabulous work and that sweet lil’ BBH. Mommy Lindsey and Malia…

Go’Head Baby!

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