Woot Woot! Ya’ll remember this riDONKulous fro-hawk laced with cornrows Hairspiration style by Forty Toes Photography we featured around New Year’s?

Diptic 5

YESSSS! THAT ONE! I told I was gonna cop’t that. Well I meant it!! BBH had “Crazy Hair DAY” at school, and while this style is more “funky fresh-dressed-to-impress-ready-to-party” than crazah, I had to do it. What better time than the present? PEEEEEEEEEPS…


YEAH BOYEEEE! Love how this turned out. Our “tweaking” of the style went a little something like this:

  • Swapped out the cornrows for flat twists to save a little bit of time
  • Frohawk consists of 3 large ponies going down the middle to keep the hair “higher lifted up”
  • Swapped out feathers for Sidewinder Holders (LOVE THESE!! See our review here)

HaHA! Yes, BBH was lovin it and a hit at school. Here a couple more fun frotos. frohwawkjpg



You likey?? So excited to do this frotastic copycat style. Thanks again Forty Toes for the Hairspiration!!


Go’Head Baby!










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