20130104-183621.jpgMan what a year 2012 was for Baby Big Hair!!! We launched the Baby Big Hair Online Store, Held our first ever Frotective Challenge and passed the 5000 FB Fans mark. EEEEEEEEK! We SO excited and heart our BBH Fam that continues to grow each day!! As we gear up up to move onward in 2013, let’s take a look at some of our most popular pages and posts for 2012, shall we??

Top 5 Visted Pages/Sections

  1. Baby Big Hair Guide – Making a scene in January 2012, this guide is one of the most visited spots on our site, consisting of info and links to maximize that Baby Big Hair experience, JEAH!
  2. BBH Fan Froto Page – This is our page dedicated to you and made by you, our BBH Fanz!! WOOT WOOT!! Thank you for sharing your babies with us!!
  3. BBH Hair Gallery – No surprise here. Folk need their hairspiration!! Be on the look out for an updated galley in 2013 yo!
  4. BBH Online Store – Home of our most popular “Yes…It’s All Mine” Tee, PLEASE BELIEVE IT!!
  5. Frotective Challenge – OWEEEE! What a blast our challenge was. Although we kicked this off on the 4th of July and concluded shortly after, it continues to be one of our most visited sections, namely do to the related challenge Hairspiration posts.

Top 5 Blog Posts:

queen helen1. Holiday Hair

rileylemon2. BBH Blast XXXI: Riley (Christin Shoots People)

minitwist style 2012
3. Mini-Twists (see full maintenance recap here)


4. BBH Blast XL: Rylee

KC-Dipt wtr
5. Rockin’ BIG HAIR: Protecting the Poof – 2012 Update

There you have it!! Hhhhmmm, is it just me or were lil ‘Rys’ jumping OFF last year?!?! Aaaaack! Cutiepatooties:) Anywho, hope you’ve enjoyed growing with us!! WATCH OUT NAW for 2013!! We’re cooking up BIG thangs. Oweeee!!

Go’Head Baby, Be Curly!!

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