I know, I know!!  But it’s been a grip since we featured one of Mommy Rory’s RIDONKULOUS styles on that there cutie patootie Baby Big Hair, Lil Boo.  So I’m allowed NAB IT!!  LOL!!  HHHHHHHhhhh.  Can I just say say how much I LOVE THIS!!  *Shrills*  OHGAAAAAAA! If this don’t make you appreciate the beauty of BIG HAIR,  you need not read this BLAAAWG  LAWD!!   Lol! I jus’playin ya’ll… I jus playin:)    Let’s get a 360 shall we?? Continue reading →


(photo source: www.christinshootspeople.com)

Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Jamie and her sweet angel Caydin.  EEEEEEEEEEEK! Will you just look at this lil mamas?!?!?  *Goes off*  Well, we had the opportunity to chat down with Mommy Jamie and get the mots on that dollbaby and allllllll that BIG HAIR!!  Let’s get to it, shall we?!?! Continue reading →

Blue Ivy Carter photoAWEEEEEE!  First glimpse of that lil BIG HAIR and face!!  Yummy “Bey”by:)  Look at those sweet curls…  EEEEK!!!  This pic is a still shot of the upcoming Documentary “Life is But a Dream” that airs tomorrow on HBO.  Lawd I can’t believe I’ve done seen this child’s FACE?!?!?  *goes off* What a precious lamb.  Lil Miss Blue….

Go’Head Baby!

p.s.  See “Life” documentary teazer here:

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Valentines Day 2009

Happy Valentines Day BBH Fam!! Hope you enjoy the day with or reflecting on your loved ones. We took the above self portrait 4 YEARS AGO!! Sorry… just had a moment. WHAT IS THAT!??! Hhhhhh. Lawd how time flies; my sugamuffin and sweet angel:) For Valentines Day this year we passed out hand spin drums (one of BBH’s all time favs) with handcut “Bring The Noise” cards.  “Anybody dat know MY baby” knows this is soooooo fitting!!! You likey??


SUPACUTE and relatively quick.  Just print, cut, slit, slide them in and ur done!!  Click here to check out some of our past Valentines for school, uhuh.  Truly heart you all!!  it’s been a blessing to grow with you and see your BBH’s grow with us.  Much more to come in 2013, PLEASE BELIEVE IT!!

Go’Head Baby!

Valentine's Day, afro baby

Froto Source: www.blackcelebkids.com

OWEEEE! Sweet BIG HAIRZ alive!! We are smitten with lil’Miss Pippen, the Baby Big Hair daughter of legendary NBA player, Scottie Pippen and wife Larsa Pippen. This girl is a DOLL I TELL YOU! HHhhhh. I just can’t sometimes…. Judging from these supacute frotos posted by Mommy Larsa, babygirl has quite the personalty. Peeps…


sophia pippen

GET IN MY POCKET LIL’ GIRL!! Lil cutie-patootie:) Lovin those soft curls…. Looking like her daddy… and MAMA lawd!! Can’t wait to see her little personality pop on the anticipated “Big Pippen” reality show, coming to a television set near you via WE! YESSS! Please believe it. This fam gots nothin’ but big and little BIG HAIRZ!! GEEEEEEEEEEE!

Big PippenGORG!!

*Shrills* I see ya big bro BIG HAIR:) Lil’ Miss Sophia Pippen…