Celebrity Baby Big Hair: Sophia Pippen

Froto Source: www.blackcelebkids.com

OWEEEE! Sweet BIG HAIRZ alive!! We are smitten with lil’Miss Pippen, the Baby Big Hair daughter of legendary NBA player, Scottie Pippen and wife Larsa Pippen. This girl is a DOLL I TELL YOU! HHhhhh. I just can’t sometimes…. Judging from these supacute frotos posted by Mommy Larsa, babygirl has quite the personalty. Peeps…


sophia pippen

GET IN MY POCKET LIL’ GIRL!! Lil cutie-patootie:) Lovin those soft curls…. Looking like her daddy… and MAMA lawd!! Can’t wait to see her little personality pop on the anticipated “Big Pippen” reality show, coming to a television set near you via WE! YESSS! Please believe it. This fam gots nothin’ but big and little BIG HAIRZ!! GEEEEEEEEEEE!

Big PippenGORG!!

*Shrills* I see ya big bro BIG HAIR:) Lil’ Miss Sophia Pippen…


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One reply on “Celebrity Baby Big Hair: Sophia Pippen

  • Untrained Hair Mom

    She is beautiful. I saw that first photo floating around, but I had no idea who she was. Thanks for putting a name to the face..I had no clue she was SP’s daughter. I love your post, as always!

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