EEEEEK!  ‘Anybody dat know me’, knows I loved me some Goldilocks*n*Me!!  That fabulous Mommy Blogger Tavia and her golden little lady “goldilocks” (xoxo)!!  For those of you that don’t know, Goldilocks*n*Me was slayin up some kids natural hairstyles back in the day. Heck I nicknamed her “fierce, fun factory styles” cuz she was straight crankin out the ‘dos like wha?!?!   That’s right, Mommy was so on point she and Goldilock’s were our very first “Blast” feature (thrrrrowback)!! If it were not so, I would have told you! HHhhhhhh… But Mommy Tav hung up her kiddo natural hair blog last summer (OHGAAAAA!  OH G*N*ME!! **reaches for blog**) and the kids natural hair world took notice, had its moment of silence and tipped all kinda moisturizers in memory of those glorious hairstyles *sniff, sniff*…… Whelp! she’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!  Ok, kinda sorta:)  I saw this here braided sidehawk and it had Mommy Tav all OVAH it!!  Had to hollah at my girl for the 411 honz!!  Peeeeeeeps:


Details from Mommy Tavia, f/k/a G*N*ME

It’s pretty much just random sized cornrows. I knew I wanted to do a sidehawk so I first made the part down the side where I wanted the “hawk” part to lay. Then I used a rat tail comb and parted out a couple of small cornrows in a design that I thought looked nice. After I had the small ones done, I just made some random larger cornrows to fill in the gaps between the smaller ones. I braided the small cornrows all the way down to the ends. For the large sections, I put an elastic at the base and then divided into either 2 or 3 sections and braided each section. I did that so that all of the hanging braids would be a nice uniform size. This is for the Kandy Land Kurls Protective Style Challenge, so no beads or accessories are allowed on the ends. If the ends start to unravel I will probably just make a french braid down the side or maybe a side bun 🙂

EEEEK! Well I just love it.  So simple and FAB!!!  That chumkeh monkeh cornrow at the top, all rounded and parted to the side is straight killin’emmmmm.  Uhuh, like Derby Day please believe it. OWEEE! And I love the mismatched cornrows in the back.  A little bit of this and a little bit of that or what have you, JEAH. It’s a dog’on WRAP I tell ya!!  And aint that lil Goldilocks still just as cute as they come??  Lawd that baby has grown….

braided sidehawk

Ain’t nobody playin!!! Thanks Mommy Tav and Goldilocks for coming out of hiding for  the feature.  Much love as always and…

Go’Head Baby!


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