STYLE REMIX: From Crazah Hair to Medium Chunkeh Twists


Bonjour!!! Wanted to share our updated style from our CRAZY HAIR DAY post. Remember this…

crazy hair day as inspired by this…..

forty toes.jpg(See initial Hairspiration post here)

Uhuh… How fun was THAT?!?!? Whelp, it was time to break it on down and get in protective mode again. *Queues music* THIS IS HOW WE DO IT!!! If you recall from our Crazy Hair Day post, BBH’s frohawk consisted of 3 large sectioned puff ponies down the middle and 3 large flat twists on the sides. Using these parts, we simply reparted her hair for a boxed two-strand twists style.

20130220-220043.jpgSorry for the crappy cell pic…:/ OWEEE! BIG HAIR length in da house!

These pics are actually restyle pics of the remix, so you’ll note her hair is quite stretched already. Because this style was initially done and restyled on dry hair (I usually style on wet hair on hair washing day), we used black rubber bands to secure most of her box twists, especially the chunkeh ones. We flat twisted one side and front to protect her hair and keep it away from her face. Results were fabulous!! Peeps…

Twisted style kids natural hair

Really feelin the length achieved with stretched hair! 360…

box twists kids natural hairShe likes it!! She really like it!! LOL!

This style has been maintained with minimal up keep; however, I swap out bands and further detangled as needed to minimize tangling at the base.   With her hair in simple two strand twists, I can restyle in under 45mins. BTW, twist outs from this style are FAB and you barely see the bands, EEEK!  #remixtoremix Whelp, there you have it folks, our latest style *channels dj* re-re-re-re-re-remiiiiix! How do you switch up ur BIG HAIR styles?? Do tell…

Go’Head Baby!

box twists



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3 replies on “STYLE REMIX: From Crazah Hair to Medium Chunkeh Twists

  • Alisa

    Her hair looks so shiny and healthy! I love seeing little Black girls with natural hair, I have seen too many with weaves or broken, damaged hair from relaxers applied at too early an age.

  • chloe

    Hi Alisha!! Thanks you and YES!!! Just let kids natural hair do what it do!! It’s trial and error but you have to want to learn and unfortunately many folk out there dont know where to begin:( Thanks again for stoppin by!!

  • Takoyia Parrish

    Beautiful! Looks very healthy. I to love seeing black girls with natural hair. My daughter hair is about the same length, but when she wakes up in the morning the style has decreased in size. What are the color coil things that’s stretching her hair?

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