I know, I know!!  But it’s been a grip since we featured one of Mommy Rory’s RIDONKULOUS styles on that there cutie patootie Baby Big Hair, Lil Boo.  So I’m allowed NAB IT!!  LOL!!  HHHHHHHhhhh.  Can I just say say how much I LOVE THIS!!  *Shrills*  OHGAAAAAAA! If this don’t make you appreciate the beauty of BIG HAIR,  you need not read this BLAAAWG  LAWD!!   Lol! I jus’playin ya’ll… I jus playin:)    Let’s get a 360 shall we??

loose flat twists dipt


Uhuh…. BIG HAIR all rope-a-doped and loopty looped into perfection…  Served with one chunkeh monkeh, twisted and dipted (word?) bang on the SIDE!!?!??!  O_o  Oh please believe it’s a WRAP FOLKS!!  Literally. HHhhhhhhhh.  Mommy Rory never disappoints with her twist styles and fabulous tutorials.  Click  here for the deets on this here feature.  Heart it.  Till next time, Mommy Rory and sweet Lil’ Boo…

Go’Head Baby!

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