YES!!!! If it were not so I would have told you!!! A couple weeks ago, BBH told me something was in “her office”, which is my childhood table and chair she uses in her own little space in our living room. I thought it was SUPACUTE that she called it that. It was actually used more like a dumping ground for small toys, markers, handmade books (her favorite) and anything else she didnt “feel” like putting away:/ Not much of a work space as I hoped it would be when we brought it home from Grandmom’s house a couple years ago. So, taking my queue from her,  we made a stop at Target and grabbed a few organizing pieces: a simple wall shelf, 2 small bins and table organizer with little dividers.  I also found two little small trays on clearance, a perfect little trash can, and a paper slot organizer to help organize her work (not shown but to the left of the office) at the Container Store (lawd I can stay there for hours!!! But I mean the spirit of organization never overcomes me when I leave and go home:/).  I then came come and put my “Divine Design” weight on it once I got home (or at least in my mind I did, LOL!) and got this…

Kids office


Other than sanding the wood down and giving it a good stain when it warms up (my Dad would use the chairs around the house as a stepping stool for chores, painting etc – yeah, that’s that good ol “70’s wood”, LOL!), we are looking pretty right and tight up in this joint!!  EEEEEK!  I LOVE IT!  Now BBH uses this desk for coloring and drawing like e’ryDAY!! Her stamps are in the upper bin and loose crayons are in a container in the lower bin.  Her fave coloring tools are right at  her finger tips, and I love how she’ll put her little organizer on the floor and get BIZZEH with her “lessons”!! HHHhhhhh…. Can I get an OFFICE?!??!   ijs:/  LOL!!! HHhhhhhhh.  Aweee…my little illustrator being about her BEEZNIZZ!!! Love that girl…:)

bbh office 2

Go’Head Baby!


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