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AAAAACK!    I cannot with this cutie lil Boy Big Hair, Walker Nathaniel Diggs, son of actor Taye Diggs (and Idina Menzel)!!!!!  GET IN MY PURSE LIL BOY!!  *goes off* Ain’t he just a yummy lil man man??!?!?!  I about lost it when I laid eyes on this frodorable “got milk?” campaign ad.  “Anybody dat KNOW ME”, knows  I love me some sweet boy big hairz.  Can that smile be anymore gorgeous and bigger?!??! Yessss!!! And I’m talkin ’bout Walker ya’ll…. DON’T.DO.DAT!! LOL!  But I do ♥ devoted daddies and Taye Diggs is putting.it.down!  Please believe it.  His book, Chocolate Me,  inspired by Walker and Taye’s own experience growing up a lil brown child, is SUPACUTE!!   Check it…

taye diggs  chocolate me

GEEEEEEEE!  See that lil Boy Big Hair on the cover?!??!?  PINCH MEH!!!! I cannot get ENOUGH of this stuff!!! Now that’s lovin your Baby Big Hair!!! Here are some more sweet “Daddy and Me pics”…

taye diggs


Get in my POCKET!!

Lets hope they keep holding out on that “first cut” lawd!  That’s right. Grow that fro lil’bro!! Aweeee…..:) Walker Nathaniel Diggs

Go’Head Baby!


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