OWEEE! We love Resurrection Sunday!! It is a great time of reflection for us. And of course Baby Big Hair loves all the ‘Spring related’ events (as we like to refer to them; I’m pretty sure there were no eggs hidden under The Cross, ijs) that are part of the American culture such as the The Easter Bunny and egg hunt. These are this year’s treats for her class. Spring colored mustaches w/a funny little greeting, sooooooooo Baby Big Hair!!! Check it…


And these were for her ‘favoritest’ teachers…


HaHA! LOVE THESE!! Supaquick and easy, without all that sugar. My baby is sweet enough as it is:) We had a ball taking pics and putting it together. BBH couldn’t help but to giggle’ The staches came in a pack of 6 for $1.50 and the eggs a pack of 8 for $1 lawd. Daddy hooked up a quick note and it was on. Another fun fam craft down in this joint. Hundreds more memories to go… How’s your holiday lookin? What traditions do you have going on?? Got BIG HAIR Plans??!?!

Go’Head Baby!

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