Happy Earth Day from Baby Big Hair!  Be sure to stop by www.epa.gov/earthday for great activities and ideas you can still share with your Baby Big Hair.

Kathleen Rogers, President of Earth Day Network said: “Earth Day participants not only get a lot done, they also demonstrate that human beings everywhere are driven by their faith, their conscience, their sense of duty, or by a moral imperative to save the planet… It is staggering to think about one billion people working together in a collective action.

Go’Head Baby!

Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Michelle and her precious lil’ gem Ava Grace.  O_O!!!!!!!!  Oh for GRACE!!  Lawd she BEAUTIFUL!!!  I canNOT w/this pretty pretty, HHHHHHhhhhhhhh.  We were fortunate to “chat down” with Mommy and get dealio on that there sweet Baby Big Hair.  EEEK!  Let’s get to it, shall we?? Continue reading →

ACK!! Sweet babygirl Layla Crawford is doin’ her THANG folks. Starring as Olivia on “First Family” (which also starz one of our all time fave BBH’s, Yara Shahidi with lil bro Sayeed Shahidi), this lil’ cutie patootie is one to watch! You may also recognize that sweet face from NCIS LA where she plays the daughter of LL Cool J’s character, Sam Hanna (Ladies really do Love Cool James, LOL!). It’s really no surprise getting her start at 3 years old as an “early bird” for Debbie Allen Dance Academy. I mean come on people, this girl was practically born paying in sweat (FAME!). And I’m lovin her natural hair looks as well as her sleek styles, all so age appropriate. She’s just a stunning confident little natural beauty…

layla crawford

EEEK! LOVE HER!! Yet another lovely role model for little BBH’s to look up to:) Learn more about this tweeny Baby Big Hair here and be sure to show her love and like her FB page. Check here for First Family listings to watch her in action. Ms. Layla Crawford…

Go’Head Baby!

p.s. See THIS is what I’m talkin ’bout right here. This girl is FIYAH in this Nike “Voices” commercial (aired during the 2012 Summer Olympics) as young WNBA superstar Lisa Lesli). And peeps dat BIG HAIR?!?! Aint nobody playin Layla!! *goes off* HHhhhhhhh…

Bonjour!!! Whew! We’ve been busy ovah here tryna set off these TEEZ for our beloved BBH Fam, JUH! But had to break off this here tutorial on Baby Big Hair’s amazing twist out for Resurrection Sunday. We’ve been in straight protective mode for pretty much all winter w/our signature all over twists. BBH had been rockin hers for at least a good 4 weeks with a few touch ups at the crown and hairline to keep them right and tight. And anybody that knows twist outs, the longer in the bedda. So I decided we’d rock’em out for the the God Lord’s day (thankya!). I wanted a little bit of length for this one as well as refresh those frizzies and used a technique I did for her birthday last year that worked really well. I call it the “Stretched Twist, Twist Out”. TRUST, I’m sure I did not invent this technique but I promise you I feel like I’m doing something, LOL! Anywho, lets get to it, shall we??

Tools Used:

  • Yarn – big stash in black at the crib cuz I promise imma do yarn twists one fine day!!!
  • Flexirods – not pictured
  • Moisturizing Spray – we used our spray bottle mixture of water, Kinky-Curly’s Knot Today Leave In Conditioner and extra virgin olive oil (also recommend CARA B Naturally‘s Hair Mist)
  • Oil – exra virgin olive oil
  • Gel – Beautiful Curls Control Custard (see our review here)

Steps Used

First I sectioned off her hair in medium to large sections and lightly sprayed her twists w/our mixture. Then lightly patted in oil with oil rubbed hands. Well, it was more like I pressed it in by squeezing my hands together as I worked thru the section. Then I rubbed my hands with the gel and raked it thru, resealing her ends as needed.

Next with yarn, used I used the same technique as Ghana plaiting, or threading (see tutorial here), and bound the newly moisturized section by wrapping like so from the base to about an inch from the tip. See how how much longer the bound twists are on the left??stretched twist out

I used red ribbon here to better illustrate the wrapping technique. Check it:

stretched twist twist out

Our final results with the yarn looked like this… Can you find the twist that got away?? LOL!!

stretched twist twist out bound dipt
We covered with her satin cap at night and let it set for Sunday morning. Next morning I carefully snipped the the yarn and let each section loose. Now the ends were a bit straight from the binding so I added a little more gel and curled them under w/flexirods. I was rippin and runnin so apologies for no pic, but trust me, very simple. Just grab the ends and roll like any old roller. Similar to our Twist and Flex Out post. If your in a bind, pipecleaners will do (please believe in “poor man’s Strawllers” as I call them, LOL). They were in her hair for about 20 mins at the most. I removed the rods and began to separate her twists.

Her twist out was GLORIOUUUUUUUUUUS!! THANKYA! *does lap ’round computer*




OWEEEEEEE! She was feelin pretty fancy too! Of course with the drizzly weather, her hair was a little “swole” by the end of the day when we took our family pics, but you know I never mind a lil BIG HAIR, lol! Anywho a few more “fresh ‘do” pics..


natural twist out tutorial

Go’Head Baby!