Well, well, well my BBH friends and parents!!  IT’S BEEN A GRIP!  Hope ur diggin the new site.  We’ve been very busy up in this joint tryna make that Baby Big Hair experience even bedda lawd!!  Lil Miss Baby Big Hair has been supabusy too.  Ya know, “It’s Hard Out Here” for a Blogger *gets crunk and poses*!!! Creating content, answering calls, responding to emails and post comments (or lack thereof ) or what not.  What’s a girl to do?!?!  Well check and see this funny “day in the life of” short vid and let us know what you think.  And please… LEAVE A COMMENT (inside joke)!!
Click and enjoy.

PS.  Dont forget to come back to www.babybighair.com and cop a BBH Tee this Friday, May 10th.  That’s right, the store will be back open for BIZZNEZZ BABYT!!  We’ll have a lil somethin, somethin for da mommies too :).  PLEASE BELIEVE IT!

Go’Head Baby!


The Adventures of Simone Jones – Blogger from Baby Big Hair on Vimeo.

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