Dont even know who’s little BIG HAIR Baby this is but OWEEEE! This baby is SUPACUTE, with all that little BIG HAIR curling at the top. GIMME DAT BABY!! This baby made one of 4 covers of National Geographic‘s May issue titled This Baby Will Live To Be 120, and photographed by Robert Clark.

And I cannot with the other three babies EITHER LAWD!! ACK!! Its really TOO MUCH!!

this baby will liveO_O!!! ^^^?!?!? Lawd whol’ma MULE!! GIMME DEM SWEET BABIES!!

EEEK! To join in the fun the magazine created an app you can upload your little Baby Big Hair to. Pick out ur fave baby photo and head on over to natgeobabycover.com (ok, so its their facebook page) and get ur “cover” on!! Cuz every BBH is a star! Check out ours:

D’AWEEEEE!!! Supacute:)

Go’Head Baby!


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