EEEEK!!  The Baby Big Hair Online Store has been open for almost two weeks and its officially on an POPPIN!!  So appreciate the excitement and support from our BBH Fam!!  We certainly are excited, lawd!!  Especially about our newest design release, the “Truly a Princess” Tee featuring the frodorable book character, Princess Truly™!!!

GAAAAAAA!  So stankin cute!!!  Hhhhhhhh…  I cannot begin to tell ya’ll how much we ADORE Princess Truly™.  We were first introduced to her via the inaugural book release Princess Truly and the Hungry Bunny Problem, by author Kelly Greenawalt, with beautiful illustrations by Amariah Rauscher.  Trust me when I say this book was highly anticipated, and I about busted into a MILLION pieces once I got my hands on it! It’s just so well written and SUPACUUUUUUUTE!!! **shrills**  Owee! See our official book review here which includes more about the author and her yummy little Baby Big Hairz  who inspired this awesome book series.  BIG shout out to Calista and Kaia! Go’Head Baby!  See our video below to see the pages in action lawd…

!!!!!!  And the book is getting rave reviews all around by some of our favorite bloggers like Kandyland Curls, Untrained Hair Mom, Caramel Curlz, and Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care.  YYYYUP! It’s a consensus people, Princess Truly™ ROCKS! So when the opportunity came for this sweet collabo, we were BOUT IT, BOUT IT!! It’s the cutest Tee fro’sho, don’t you agree??



truly a princess tee
Available in Girl (XS-XL), Toddler (2T and 4T) and Infant (12M and 24M) sizes. EEEEK! Dont forget to  cop the book  Princess Truly and the Hungry Bunny Problem at   Love the artwork?  Click on by illustrator Amariah Rauscher’s Etsy store, The Extent of Silence for prints. Much love Mommy Kelly and Ms. Amariah for this frolicious opportunity!  Princess Truly™…

Go’Head Baby!


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