JEAH BABY!  At last and no longer exclusive to our online store reopening offer, EVRAHBODY can now get there hands on our supacute “BIG HAIR ON BOARD” window cling.  Rather on the road or in the parking lot, let folks know what ur workin wit!!  Rock that BIG HAIR w/a purpose ya’mean?!  Know what I’m sayin? Ya’mean?!? Know what I’m sayin?!?  (*chill crunk action* LOL!)

natural hair window cling

This 3 inch diameter circle of fun says it all awd. And at the low low price of $3, or 2 for $5, get one for your car…..and your other car!!  Heck, hook Grandma up or whoever is driving dat baby! What are you waiting for??  Click on by the Baby Big Hair Online Store today and cop dat.   TOOT TOOT… HHHHHEY……BEEP BEEP!!  *drives off*…

Go’Head Baby!

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