OO-to-the-WEE! It’s been a grrrrip lawd since our last hairspiration!! What better way to set this segment off for our newest readers than this funky little ‘do by Mommy Carrie, mommy, photographer and blogger of www.aisforamaro.wordpress.com. And yes lawd, love us some sweet Baby Big Hair Miss V. We are talkin straight up YUMMINESS in that joint! This child EXUDES love, laughter and joy, like all at the same time. HHhhh…. GIMME DAT BABY!! *puts in purse* Just playin Mommy:) Well then how fitting is this SUPACUTE yet simple style that is joyfully frodorable!?!?!? Ohgaaaa! CAWL ME CRAYOLA!!! Mommy Carrie breaks it on down right here:


Sometimes Miss V has very specific requests for her styles and this week she wanted ‘rainbows, beads, braids and short hair’ after a few weeks of long yarn extensions. She is from a region in Ethiopia where the traditional hair styles are predominantly small braids up front with free hair in the back, so we decided to do a fresh take on a style linked to her heritage. Her personality is larger than life, so the cheerful bead color explosion suited her well (and matched just about everything in her closet, too). On another personal note, the red jumper she is wearing in the photos was handmade by my father when I was young and the quilt was made by my parents when I was younger than V. These photos are especially meaningful as they feature an element of her heritage and memories from my own childhood. Hair really is so, so much more than just hair.

COME ON MOMMY CARRIE!!! Bedda preach. YESSSS! Sooooo much more than hair. I love how how heritage and family is interwoven in this style so beautifully and with so much care. Just AWESOME. And how bout this little purdy purdy?!?!? Told you. The yummiest EVAH lawd! *shrills* Dont know about you but I have officially tasted the RAINBOW and I LIKE IT!! Feeling all inspired or what not. *channels Patti LaBelle* If little blue birds flyyy…above the rainbow whyyyyyyyyy? *camera change and takes big breath* caaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT I?!?!! WHY WHY, WHY WHY…. CA’AAAAANNT… IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! HHhhhhhh. To see more sic styles created by this mommy (and I mean SIC!!), you MUST click on through the “Hair” section of her blog, Amaro. Mommy Carrie and Baby Big Hair Miss V…


Go’Head Baby!





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