OWEEEE! Anybody dat know me, knows I love me some BIG HAIR On the Fourth!

fros on fourthThat’s right. Independence Day is also known as National Afro Day! And its right around the corner. The event was coined by BlkOnyx488 on Long Hair Care Forum in 2010 and we at Baby BIG HAIR like to take part and represent in a BIG way! Remember last year’s Frotective Challenge?? AHHHHHHHH! So much FUN!! This year we decided to do a frotastic Giveaway in the celebratory spirit of kids natural BIG HAIR! Partnering w/some amazing folks, we present the Best of Fros On The Fourth Contest!! Get ur camers out on the Fourth and take a pic of your Baby Big Hair ‘s freedom BIG HAIR in all its glory. Upload to participating social media sites for a chance to win our ever so popular “YES…It’s All Mine” Tee available in 12/24 Month Onesie, 2/4T, Girls XS – XL (some limited colors), and Youth Classic sizes S-XL. Rep that BIG HAIR pride fro’sho!

yes its all mine tee

EEEEEK! Stay tuned for more details on how to participate.

Go’Head Baby!

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