**CLOSED** SEE GRAND PRIZE WINNER AND LINKS TO ALL PRIZE WINNERS HERE** Yo! If you don’t knoooooow, now you KNOW!!! JEAH BABY!! National Afro Day is TOMORROW!! Will your Baby Big Hair be rockin his/her BIG HAIR??!?!? Huh, huh? Well if so, that baby could win our classic “YES…It’s All Mine” Tee!! Please believe it! Join in the fun and participate in our first ever “Best of Fros on the Fourth Contest”!! YES!! If it were not so, I would have told you. Baby Big Hair has partnered with some of our fave kids natural hair bloggin mamas in the celebatory spirit of kids natural BIG HAIR!! Let’s get to it, shall we?!?

WHEN: Begins on National Afro Day (Thursday July 4th) and ends Saturday, July 6th. Post all weekend!! Winners recap on the Baby Big Hair Blog and and Grand Prize winner announced on Monday the 8th!

WHERE: EVERAHWHERE LAWD!! Ok, so not everywhere but on Twitter or Instagram via participating bloggers:) *See list of participating bloggers below

HOW: Click and take a pic of that sweet Baby Big Hair and post it to your choice participating Blogger ‘s Twitter or Instagram accounts and tag us w the #bestfroson4thbbh hashtag. Each Blogger will pick a “Best Fro” of the frotos posted to their account. *See participating blogger contest rules on respective blog sites posted on the 4th.

WHY: Cuz we like BIG HAIR on da’babies. Yup yup. You should already KNOW THIS MANNNN! Plus, we want to encourage parents and BBH’s to embrace and celebrate the beauty of kids natural BIG HAIR everywhere!

PRIZE: Each winner will receive *drum roll* an “Yes… It’s ALL Mine Tee


*note – available in 12/24 Month Onesie, 2/4T, Girls XS – XL (some limited colors), and Youth Classic sizes S-XL


GRAND PRIZE:Baby Big Hair will select a winner from the pool of “Best Fro” winners for the ultimate Grand Prize: a $50 GAP Gift Certificate!! And of course BIG HAIR braggin rights:)

gap*Baby Big Hair is not affiliated with Gap Inc.

OO-TO-THE-WEEEE!!! So please be sure to hit up these fabulous sites tomorrow for FROTASTIC deets on Twitter or Instagram entry options:

Caramel Curlz & Swirls

Charlotte’s Avenue

Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care

Curly Hue

Kandy Land Kurls

Untrained Hair Mom

Une Autre Naturelle

AAAAACK!!! HEART THESE BLOGS!!! You ready?!?!? Needs some Hairspiration?? Look no further than these 2012 Baby Big Hair Frotective Challenge Hairspiration posts. EEEK! Now this is a BLAST from the PAST!!

Defined Fros and Wash -n-Go’s!

defined fros wash gos

Ruff-n-Stuff With Those Curly/Afro Puffs!

afro puff
“Out” Styles Fro Yo Mind!
out styles

YEAH MAN!!! See, never too late to pull any of those bad boy styles off. Don’t you just love BIG HAIR?!?!? We do FRO’SHO! Come “Celebrate the Freedom of Kids Natural Har ” and follow us @BabyBigHair on Twitter and @BabyBigHairLife on Instagram for all the fun. See you on the Fourth!

Go’Head Baby!




. Xxxx

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