OO-to-the-WEEEEEEEEEEE! Ya’ll know I love me some Boy BIG HAIRZ!!! So I am supadelighted for this Celebrity BBH post featuring Jaden Martin!! OHGAAAAAA! The HUR on this beautiful CHILD!!! You may recognize young Jaden from your local Target store ads…

jaden martin, target

He also models for Kohl’s. But please believe this young BBH is on the rise as an actor. His most recent role was in After Earth with non other than Will Smith! Jaden played the younger version of Jaden Smith (Smith’s real-life son). Hhhhhh…. remember when Jaden Smith had BIG HAIR??? Anywho, BIG congrats to Jaden Martin for landing the role and KILLIN it!!! Cant wait to see more of this lil Man Man on the big screen, repping boy BBHs everywhere YUP YUP!!


Frotastic cuteness OVAHLOAD!! GEEEEEEEEEEEE! Be on the look out for his next BIG flick, Reach Me, a drama starring Sylvester Stallone slated to hit theatres in August. Aint nobody playin! Sir Jaden Martin…

Go’Head Baby!

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