Bonjour!!  Sooooooo excited to have the opportunity to review and share with you the new kids line by Carol’s Daughter (CD) “CD4 Kids”.  EEEEEEK!  It’s been a grip lawd since our last review so Baby Big Hair and I were looking forward to it.   We were provided with a package of  CD4 Kids Detangler, Shampoo and Conditioner. Yup. Noice! BBH had been rocking our signature protective style, all over 2 strand twists, for about 5 weeks.   So the timing could not have been more PERFECT. Alrighty then, let’s get right to it, shall we?!? First, a little something about Carol’s Daughter for those who may not be familiar with this reputable line of hair and body products (from the CD website):

Carol’s Daughter has been known for its natural beauty products for more than 20 years.
Each hair, skin and body indulgence collection is infused with rare ingredients that bring out 
your natural beauty.

 Hear Lisa tell her story in her own words….

Don’t you just love passionate people!?!?!  Hhhhhhh….

The CD Mission (from the CD website):

cd4 kids our-mission

Delightful like!  And now….

REVIEW TIME!!! (and watch our CD4Kids video review here or view at the end of this post!)

 *This post is my honest and unbiased opinion. The subject products were provided to Baby Big Hair with no incentive to offer a favorable review; however,  the related youtube video is commission based*

(see ingredients list here):

*Disclaimer*  Note BBH’s hair had been in a protective style for 5 weeks.  Product was not used on freshly washed hair or even damp hair.

  • Price: $12.00 for 8.5 fl. oz. bottle. This is consistent with other natural organic hair care products, maybe a few dollars more(?).  Little goes a long way
  • Smell: SupaLight smell.  Not at all overwhelming
  • Consistency: clear liquid, touch of cloudiness.  Light midst pump

I started with spraying  a few twists at a time and separating each twists with my fingers.  I then further separated the hair, taking extra care where hair was locking.  Her twists were successfully removed and detangled with plenty product left to spare.  Not a lot of slip mind you, but it got the job done. See for your self:

20140109-235306.jpg^^^BIG HAIR!!!!^^^

CD4KIDS SHAMPOO (see ingredients list here):

  • Price: $12.00 for 8.5 fl. oz. bottle. Again, for my product junkies out there, this is consistent with other natural organic hair care products.  You do not need to have a heavy hand with this, a little goes a long way
  • Smell: Supalight pleasant smell
  • Consistency: Clear and thick

After sectioning off her hair (cuz I awhhlwayz wash her hair in sections lawd – shoooo….thats a lot of HUR!  LOL!), I wet her hair and applied.  Good amount of lather and the shampoo felt moisturizing in her hair.  Similar to the Detangler, not a lot of slip, but moisturizing while cleansing her hair.  As noted we had 5 weeks of product piled onto her hair. This shampoo left her hair feeling very clean and there was no build up left on the scalp.
20140110-000807.jpg*BIG HAIR Tip – Wash hair in sections to minimize tangles during the process

 CD4KIDS CONDITIONER (see ingredients list here):

  • Price: $12.00 for  an 8 fl. oz. tube. Consistent with other  natural organic hair care products out there.  Quarter size amount will do for each section.
  • Smell: SupaLight pleasant smell
  • Consistency: Very creamy and thick

I applied the conditioner to her freshly washed hair.  Instructions were to leave in hair for 3-5 minutes then rinse, but as noted above, I do everything in sections and I like to let conditioner “set” in the hair.  Prolly had conditioner in her hair for good 20 minutes or so.  While working thru, I further detangled her hair where needed. Some slip, just enough to make it easy to work thru. I rinsed out with no residue on her hair or scalp.
20140110-000817.jpgAhhhhh, my baby’s curl pattern #haircrush



The smell of all three products is very faint and light and I did not have to use a TON of product to get the job done (THANKYA!).  How many of us know how essential that is when making such an investment on BIG HAIR (can my product junkies say AMEN?!?!?  The Shampoo cleansed really well the first go ’round and didn’t strip her hair.  I really like how the  Shampoo and Conditioner were easy to rinse out of her hair. BIG HAIR hair types need gentle products that do not build up, word.  Now turn to your neighbor and say “It doesn’t build up”!  MMm-hey! Yaaaaaasssss!


I just need a little more slip lawd.   While the Detangler and Conditioner certainly get the job done, both could use a tad more slip, especially for all that BIG HAIR.   The Conditioner is moisturizing, but is not a “Leave-In” (*disclaimer* nor does CD hold it out to be), which BBH’s hair has gotten accustomed to over the years.  Not necessarily a con, just noting the Conditioner does not function like a ‘Leave-In’.  If you like to condition prior to applying a Leave-In, this may work well for you.


I really like the Shampoo (very rich and clarifying). And the Detangler and Conditioner certainly get the job done, but I was left feenin’ for a “Leave-In” and/or styling product. Hopefully, those are in the works!!!  A defining creme or gel would be a nice addition to the line too. I will say BBH’s hair was SUPAsoft after washing and conditioning and the styling products I did use (although a different brand) attached to her hair like BUTTAH.  I can see this line working really well on its own for medium to loose curl types or for oily hair types that need a good cleanser and/or conditioner that leaves -0- residue in the hair.  For more reviews on various hair types search the #cd4kids hashtag in social media.  Note, Carol’s Daughter is sold online and at its stores (see store locator here), select Macy’s, Sephora and Ulta stores.  See if CD4Kids is for you.  Many thanks to Carol’s Daughter for the opportunity to  review and  share CD4Kids with our readers and followers.


 Go’Head Baby!

***PS, click below to see these products  (and Baby Big Hair:)) in action…




See. THIS RIGHT HERE is why Baby Big Hair came to be!! We’ve all heard the story by now. Talented and beautiful 12 year old Vanessa VanDyke was initially told to cut or straighten her BIG HAIR or be expelled then faced a subsequent ultimatum over Thanksgiving break:

“We are not asking her to put products in her hair or to cut her hair,” read a statement sent to a local television station. “We are asking her to style her hair within the guidelines according to the school handbook.”

Well, well, well, SOMEBODY got the message via social media that threatening the natural state of ones hair, ESPECIALLY ON THE HEAD OF A CHILD is not ok. But it STILL wasn’t clear enough I see. They were still asking this baby to ‘style her hair’. Ma’am/Sir, BIG HAIR IS A STYLE!! What I hear loud and and clear from the undertones of administration’s statements and/or the alleged claims is that Ms. VanDyke’s hair is unkept, unruly and needs to be ‘tamed’, either by cutting or styling. THAT ^^^ is their response to this baby’s cry for help from being bullied by her peers over her hair?!??
Hhhhhhh….**beside myself**  Thankfully, this sweet Baby Big Hair returned to school this week with her untouched crown of gloreh!!  See the local news segment here:

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

That’s more LIKE IT!! When will the day come when this is not news? When will the day come when natural BIG HAIR dunned by children is an acceptable style left to the discretion of parents and not the judgement of society?? Ladies and gentlemen, BIG HAIR is beautiful. BlG HAIR is natural. BIG HAIR is a lifestyle. WHY.CANT.BIG.HAIR.JUST.BE?!?? Young Vanessa conveys it best in her response to the school’s criticism of her natural BIG HAIR:

“It says that I’m unique.” [BBH: Yes it does sweetie!!!] “First of all, it’s puffy and I like it that way. I know people will tease me about it because it’s not straight. I don’t fit in.”  Hhhhhhh… Can I just give a BIG shout out to her parents who have done an AWESOME job instilling self worth and love in that beautiful child!! YES!!!

Thank you Vanessa VanDyke and family for taking a stand for what is naturally your right and for representing Baby Big Hairz everywhere. Email the school and send words of encouragement and support of this BBH here. Vanessa VanDyke…

Go’Head Baby!

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Go’Head Baby!!


Ack! Can you believe it? Kindergarten. What in da’wurl!?!? But I am ever so proud of my babygirl!! She was supaexcited and gave mommy and daddy a big hug and went on about her BIZZNEZZ, please believe it! That’s my heart ya’ll….

Go’Head Baby!

OWEEE! We are smitten with the frodorably sweet Baby Big Hair, Ariana Neal. Playing “Tatiana” in the widely released film Fruitvale Station (a very good movie), this angel SHINES on the big screen. She was first noticed on Season 5 of America’s Got Talent singing her little heart out. She moved from Illinois to Atlanta, Georgia and the rest is history.

ariana neal2

TRUST, this girl is on the RISE!! She is incredibly poised and intentional on screen. And those CURLZ?!? *goes off* truly delightful like:) Baby got pipes too and can BRANG.IT!! Check out this supacute You-tube video of her Bruno Mars cover:

I.CAN.NOT!! Little girl… GET>IN>MY>PURSE!!! More of this Baby Big Hair to come fro’sho! Look for her in the upcoming VH1 “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story” as the young Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez. Aint nobody playin. Ms. Ariana Neal…

Go’Head Baby!

ariana neal











photo credit: www.arianalanae.com




Eeeeeeeeek! STOKED to see the newest cover of ‘O’ via the Instagram teaser posted today (@O_Magazine). Oprah shares in the insto “1 of my faves ever – Lets talk bout HAIR”. YESSSS! Let’s do HONZ!!! OWEE! All that BIG HAIR she’s rockin is the SLAMMM MA’AM! With the subtitle Grow It, Blow It, Awesomely Fro It! , can’t wait for the deets to hit the stands. It’s official folks. The day of BIG HAIR is upon us, young and old!!! Oprah and that FR’O’TASTIC cover…

Go’Head Baby!

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