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Find helpful hair info here!

Hair Care Tips

There is a TON of information out there.  All hair is different; chew the meat and spit out the bones.  But we have a few posts you may find helfpul, along with other great articles that have helped us on our BBH journey.

Hair Tutorials

Videos such as Youtube can be your friend when you’re learning to style your BBH’s hair.  It’s how I learn and continue to learn. Here are some tutorials/You Tube Channels from some of our favorite sites. These should help you to keep your hairstyles fresh and current, jeah!

Hair Typing

Discerning your BBH’s hair type could be very beneficial as some product lines are based upon them.  Generally speaking,  we do not focus on BBH’s “hair type” perse (hair is hair) but we do look for moisturizing products that are geared towards type 4 hair, simply because that is what works. We also look for tutorials with types similar to hers to get a feel for desired outcomes for styles or products and what not.  All that say, the below chart is the best I’ve seen to date..

Here are a few great go to’s for more additional information on hair typing.

Suggested Products

Some great products out there, trust.  We’ve been fortunate to review a few in our young blog life.  A grand rule of thumb we’ve learned in our BBH hair journey is that petroleum, mineral and alcohol ingredients are a BIG no-no due to the harshness on the hair.  We say do you and be you, but be informed. We dont waste money in this house!! If you are just getting a “toe in” the natural hair world, here are few popular brands.  **Warning** Finding the right product may lead to product junkie tendencies!!

Infants (No Tears)

Toddlers, Kids & Adults

It’s always helpful to look up ingredients and know their benefits or adverse effects. has a great dictionary that breaks down ingredients into “good”, “okay”, “caution” or “avoid” categories. We found it helpful (as is her Tightly Curly method, we’d be lost without it!!).

Kids Natural Hair Blogs

  • EEK!  So many out there featuring all kinda BIG HAIRZ with helpful tips and more. Check out some our BBH Blogger Buddies here!

Blended Family Hair 

BIG HAIR comes in all shapes and sizes, but proper care is the same across the board.    Suggested links for caring and styling for biracial hair types.

Biracial hair journey blogs, just to name a few, there are a TON out there:

Adoptive/foster parents of children of color blogs (some of the best information you’ll find in one place for all BIG HAIR types):

Amazing Hair Galleries

We’d be remissed to not share some of our favorite hair galleries out there.  Check it out for protective styles and hairspiration.  Some require “liking” on Facebook:

Also, be sure to follow our BIG HAIR Board on Pinterest for all things BIG HAIR!  We have some other fun boards too:)